Young Thor Mini Coming Next Week

As a gaming library, PlayStation minis is really starting to come into its own. Sure, they’re still a mite too expensive to encourage impulse buys, but with the one million downloaded milestone surpassed and more titles in the pipeline, we can chalk this one down as a win.

The next Mini that should catch your eye is Frima Studio’s Young Thor. Despite its diminutive label, Young Thor is packed with different worlds, artefacts, bosses and beasties to better as Odin’s son, Thor – the God of Thunder.


Check out their latest trailer below. It’s definitely looking substantive for a mini.

Note: Young Thor is currently only confirmed for release on the US Store next week. Other territories are TBD.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog



  1. I suppose it hard to really moan too much if titles of this size are appearing as minis. But still, when you’re a skinflint like me price can be the deciding factor……

    • They have 100mb of space its great they’re using that right?

  2. As the article states, minis are still just a tad too expensive. I’m glad to see them doing well though, PSN as a whole seems to be getting into stride now.

  3. I thought this was a tie-in with the movie :(

  4. i haven’t purchased any mini’s as yet. I would be more inclined to do so if they had trophy support. I find the price point to be adequate

  5. I’m really impressed with this one. I’ve seen a few other minis but this one does stand out. The only thing left is to hope that gameplay does not suffer because of the effort put into graphics.

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