Killzone 3 Footage Shows Cinematic Death

It mightn’t have four-player co-op but one thing Killzone 3 most definitely will have is a crap-load of gratuitous death. Hopefully more of the Helghan variety, of course. Check out the below footage and watch as some nasty Higs join that big slag-pit in the sky.

It’s short and sweet, but anything that shows people in jet-packs spiraling to the ground before smashing into little bits of metal-peppered fleshy pieces is a win in our (admittedly twisted) book.


Source: GameTrailers



  1. wow, love the busted jet pack death!

  2. EPIC! the first one looks like its going to crush you!

  3. Is this still in pre-alpha? lol last footage I saw had “pre-alpha” across the top but this looks unbelievable.

    • It certainly is still Pre-Alpha, this is part of the E3 footage that was shown last month.
      If you watch some of the longer E3 videos, demos with IGN, G4TV etc, then you’ll see these sequences.

      The way the snow and the smoke moves in the wind is fantastic.

  4. looks great but will said cinematic deaths be spontaneous or scripted – erm……will the death sequence be dependant on where you hit the bad guy/space ship or will it be the same each time? Just a thought….

  5. Wow that looks amazing. Lot of effort gone into the animation of those jet pack deaths.
    I also like the look of the scope at the start, looks good

  6. The video’s playing horribly for me, it’s like a slideshow. Too bad, can’t make out the deaths at all.

  7. What about other environments? only ice? the only thing left is infamous 2 bringing ice to their game. STOP COPYING UNCHARTED

    • I was a huge fan of Killzone 2, and it looks like they are changing the main theme of the game (not good)
      also was a huge fan of Infamous and I hate the nate-like new cole.

      • They are only showing the ice levels, as it’s due out next year…i’m sure more will be shown towards completion mate ;-)

    • I’m pretty sure Uncharted 2 wasn’t the first game to feature ice!

      • Yep its a staple level setting in many a game. Horace goes skiing has a lot to answer for

  8. Looks good, cannot wait

  9. woah

  10. Having just got round to completing Killzone 2 I’m now quite interested in this, certainly looks nice enough, though I’m most interested in the story continuation which is the thing that impressed me the most about K2.

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