Daily Star “Reveal” New GTA Game

Sometimes you just don’t have the words. Sadly, when you’re writing a story you actually do need to have some, so I’m writing this through the grittiest teeth I can muster: the Daily Star newspaper is claiming that a “Raoul Moat version” of “Grand Theft Auto” is in production over at Rockstar.

The game, which to our knowledge doesn’t actually exist in any official capacity, is causing “fury”, with the newspaper citing “gaming websites” that apparently “showed the cover of Grand Theft Auto Rothbury – a version of the XBox hit Grand Theft Auto”.

We struggled to find any mention of such a game on any official channels, although a few spoofs have been floating around for a while.

The ‘mock-up’ that the Daily Star picked up is below, taken from the newspaper’s site:

The game, again, according to the Daily Star, “is named after the Northumberland town where Moat, 37, hid then shot himself after his gun rampage in which he shot ex-lover Samantha Stobbart, 22, killed her lover Chris Brown, 29, and shot and blinded Pc David Rathband, 42 in both eyes.”  Thanks for reminding us.

The Daily Star then has what appear to be quotes from Samantha’s grandmother Ann Hornsby, 69: “I can’t believe someone wants to make money out of people who have been killed. It is sick – it’s blood money. The game is beyond belief.”

“Someone wants to make money out of people who have been killed”? Yes, someone does. By writing fabricated stories based around a commonly demonised entertainment medium to sell newspapers. As dedicated fans of video gaming, we’re with Mrs. Hornsby – it is sick.

Update: The Daily Star have now pulled their “story.” Unfortunately for them, the internet never forgets.

Via MCV and CVG.


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous – it’s not really like the games industry needs any more negative press, is it? Frankly, the Daily Star should be ashamed.

    • You’re telling me. Saints Row, maybe, but definitely not lead-role worthy for GTA.

    • Its clearly the work of a Junior. He/she must not be a gaming person and found this spoof jpg on the internet then ran with it… would of thought the editor would of flagged it though?!?!

  2. Can’t Rockstar sue the Daily Star for this?

    • I really hope they do, if they can

      • WTF???? The Daily Star is a newspaper? I though it was toilet paper with letters printed on it…..

      • it will be now after this trash

    • Yes, it’s called Defamation of Name and Character and they could potentially sue for millions, and I really hope they do

      • lets hope so as everyone in the media hates rockstar

  3. I actually don’t know what to say…

    • I say don’t read their paper anymore.

  4. Was the paper being serious?

  5. That’s just wrong.

  6. Could someone please tell Daily Star it’s not April 1st?

  7. Seriously? The Daily Mail actually ran this story? This isn’t some kind of strange joke?

    Do they have a reliable source to confirm their accusations? Have they tried to contact Rockstar for a comment? It’s highly unlikely…

    Idiocy at its finest. I mean, sure, whoever made the spoof cover(s) is an insensitive dick for sure but surely the Mail should realise that it’s obviously a fake, or at least investigate further, before making a massive deal out of nothing and no doubt causing a huge backlash against the videogames industry in the mainstream media (again). The mind boggles…

  8. Dear Rockstar – Please sue them for deformation.

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    • That went wrong. Never mind. First time I’ve tried it and I’m sure shall be the last.

      • It looks like a guy playing with himself…

      • I’m sure some psychologist would have something to say about that…

      • Yup, definitely looks like a guy playing with himself.

        … or a butterfly

      • i can see this being in a spoof of heavy rain

    • Can you just stick to Mortal Kombat quotes from now on?

    • Looks like E.T playing with himself..

  10. Haven’t they got anything better to write about?

    • Jordan must have had a quiet day in.

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