inFamous 2 Must Compete With Uncharted 2

Yesterday we reported about Ninja Theory’s wariness of having their new title, Enslaved, compared to Uncharted 2. Today we have Sucker Punch also name dropping Naughty Dog’s seminal classic, but this time as the one to beat. Commenting on the competitive third-person genre that also sports big hitters God of War and Assassin’s Creed, Sucker Punch have told GameInformer that their upcoming inFamous 2 not only needs to be on par with such mega-titles, but they’re now much better placed to achieve this level of quality. Director Chris Zimmerman said:

“The space we’re playing in – the third-person action genre – is the Game of the Year space. You look around and it’s Uncharted 2, it’s Assassin’s Creed, it’s God of War. It’s all these great games, and you have to be able to compete on all axes with them. On the axes of character and story and stuff, we’re much better set up this time so we can take a big, hard swing at it.”

It’s not the first time Uncharted 2 and inFamous 2 have appeared in the same story, with Sucker Punch having previously admitted that they’ve been influenced by Naughty Dog’s renowned award-winning title. Whether or not Cole’s second adventure is of the same calibre of Drake’s remains to be seen.

In other Infamous 2 news, check out the following behind the scenes footage of the game’s appearance at this year’s Comic-con. Not only will you see some awesome new footage, you’ll witness the game’s creators talk about Cole’s progression and why working on a new IP in the superhero world was always more attractive to them than tackling a known, established hero.

Source: GameInformer via CVG, Comic-con video via Official US PlayStation Blog


  1. inFamous was excellent, imagine what Sucker Punch can do now that they have a lot more experience on the PS3. I cant wait.

    • inFamous is one of the boomers of this Gen.

      Right game….

  2. While I suppose they’re both third-person action games, I can’t say I’ve ever thought about them as being in the same genre as each other which leads me to believe that inFamous 2 might be going in an ever so slightly more linear story driven direction as opposed to its predecessor.
    Unless I’m reading too much into it (highly likely) and he’s just trying to draw attention to his game (also highly likely).

    Although having said all that, I was a big fan of the original and liked it a lot, but from what i’ve so far seen of the sequel, if I’m honest, It’s really not doing it for me so far. I hope it doesn’t do an Uncharted on me, loved the original, heavily disliked the sequel … and I’m still not sure why.

  3. Good to set the bar high for yourself, and there are few higher than Uncharted 2!

    • It means that the game will look good at least since Uncharted 2 had very good visuals.

  4. INfamous was stunning…cant wait for this one except I hope it isnt a direct Uncharted rip off look!

  5. inFamous is a superb game, i just dont like what they have done to main character in the 2nd one, why change his appearance, makes no sense…

    • Agree – still playing it. Hope, story-wise, they cover the change of appearance – if only for continuity’s sake.

      • One trophy away from the plat [ play on hard ]…you will be mine!!!!

      • Any problem, give us a shout in the forums. It’s the only game I’ve platinumededed and I feel all helpful and stuff. :-)

    • People have a choice to change hairstyles or er… voice

  6. I really dont mind the new look – but comparisons with Uncharted worry me a little. I dont want a joking, sarcastic Cole ala Nathan Drake.

    If they change the looks thats fine, perhaps make him a bit more animated in emotions but NOT a Drake rip off.

    That’ll suck. Cant actually wait for this game though.

  7. I simply cannot believe how dumb a couple of the guys sound. Overuse of the words “awesome”, “cool” and “totally” really isn’t conducive to someone treating you with respect. Thankfully, they moved to informed and intelligent guys soon enough.

    Sorry… rant over. Like, totally!

    The video itself was great (if you’re a fan of the franchise). Interesting to see how little they wanted to show of the new Cole.

  8. I like the fact that they are so passionate about making a game that is memorable and something that’s a bit different. The fact that they are actually trying to get into the world of comics and aspiring to have a character that is remembered along the same lines as superman/batman (whether it’s achievable or not) makes me think that this game could be so much better than the original.

    I also like the fact that they don’t seem to be making as gritty and brown as the original game. The city needs a bit more life and colour and that was one of my main complaints about the first game.

    I really do hope that Sucker Punch make this new direction work and create an amazing game.

  9. Sucker Punch are a very capable developer, and inFamous was a superb title that I played a LOT. I’m going to own and go through inFamous 2, probably, but now I think I understand their revamp of the character. Basically, in a board room, “Make it more Drake-ish.”

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