GMAs Venue and Date

The Games Media Awards are an annual event hosted by MCV. Voted by members of the media and industry PR, the awards have been hosted in the Jongleurs club in London for the past couple of years. This year, however, they’re moving upmarket and relocating to the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Still in London, this venue offers more space and a more formal (although the awards will still be an informal affair) setting allowing more industry types to rub shoulders.

This year the Gold sponsors include some of the greatest names in the industry: Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft etc. have all signed up to the awards their PR representatives vote for. It seems that the awards are getting more established and even more well-recognised by the games industry.


Historically, the bulk of the awards are won by the larger print publications and sites from MCV’s stable and the Eurogamer family but with a number of sites (including this one) making big strides in terms of quality and presence it will be interesting to see if any are recognised. The categories are as follows:

  • Games Magazine
  • Games Website
  • Specialist Writer, Print
  • Specialist Writer, Online
  • Coverage by a National Newspaper brand
  • Coverage by a Mainstream Magazine brand
  • Regional Games Columnist
  • Games Broadcast/Podcast
  • Games Blog
  • Rising Star

We certainly don’t expect to win anything but hopefully some of the less heavily funded outlets will receive some sort of recognition of the hard work they do. We happen to think that most of the quality work in the industry is currently being done by volunteer enthusiasts rather than paid reporters, critics and bloggers so it will be interesting to see if the judges agree with us.

You can nominate your favourite outlet by emailing [email protected] with your suggestion.



  1. if it was up to me TSA would win best games website. please can i have a free game now?

  2. well i just nominated TSA for best Games Website

    eyes crossed TSA win something : )

    • I nominated them for Games Website, Games Blog and Rising Star, go team TSA! :D

      • my eyes went blind and i missed the Games Blog and Rising Star options

  3. TSA, best games website by a long way and should get the recognition it deserves.

  4. Daily Star for best Coverage by a National Newspaper brand

    Oh and TSA for website, blog and rising star of course :)

  5. Thanks for everyone that’s voting for the site. If you do, that’s great, but remember to explain why. :)

  6. Games website: undecided
    Games blog: Joystiq

    the other categories, I don’t care for.
    care to sway my vote with cookies? cookies are kewl

  7. I’ve be happy if either EDGE or PSM3 win the Games Magazine category. As for best website, TSA all the way.

  8. Best use of the word ‘macabre’ in an article – Kovacs [TSA]

    Come in guys! Get voting!

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