Force Unleashed II Somehow Has Boba Fett

OK, let’s pretend we’ve somehow managed to keep up with all the weird and convoluted prequels, offshoots, extended universe books and other random Star Wars canon that has managed to spew out of Skywalker Ranch over the last bazillion years. We still don’t know what the hell Boba Fett is doing in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Well, sure, technically the ‘as useful as a third armpit*’ bounty hunter was alive at the time, but is anyone else feeling this galaxy far, far away is pretty small, small in terms of characters? It’s like LOST and everyone knows everyone. If HyperDriveShaft turn up, I’m out.


The fan-favourite was confirmed as appearing in the game at Comic-con, with Eurogamer providing further detail after receiving an email about his inclusion. Warning: minor spoilers ahead:

“Boba Fett is totally in the game, but you don’t get to play him or anything. Darth Vader hires him to hunt down Juno, the love interest from the first game, in order to lure Starkiller’s clone into his grasp.”

If that wasn’t enough, check out the below video I found while trying to amuse my four year old nephew this afternoon on YouTube. Thank you IGN, you’re the perfect pacifier.

*Seriously? Galaxy’s best assassin? Dude fell into what looked like a sandy sphincter. Oh dear.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Apparently the books (or the cartoon or some other dreadful greedy offshoot that nobody should really give the time of day) has him climbing out of the Sarlacc Pit. Which is about as ridiculous as Greedo firing first.
    Fett is a huge fan favourite so he’s crow-barred into everything they think they can get him into because they know that fans love to see him and will pay for the thrill.
    He is badass though, as long as there’s nothing nearby he can trip on. And Slave 1 (his ship) is also awesome.

    • He doesn’t climb out. He gets rescued by Dengar (another Bounty Hunter)and becomes his partner for a short time and then he is a minor character in a few of the other star wars books and actually helps Han Solo on a few occasions.

      • He does climb out. He blasts his way out with a thermal detonator and his jetpack (if I remember correctly). THEN he is rescued by Dengar, who finds him basically naked and half-dead, having nearly blown himself up. He climbs out in the short story ‘Tales of the Bounty Hunters: A Barve Like That’, and is rescued in ‘The Bounty Hunter Chronicles I: The Mandalorian Armour’.

        I’m so much less into Star Wars than I was about 5 years ago, but anything Boba still gets my attention :P

  2. isn’t this game set before Episode VI? cos then it would actually make sense that he’s alive…

    • Yes, I think so.
      I also think the point is that just because it would be possible for him to be there, that doesn’t mean he has to be there. Was there only one bounty hunter in the whole galaxy?
      Still, Boba Fett is awesome so who cares ;)

    • It is set between episode 3 and 4 so yeah it does make sense why he is in it but I think Kovacs is saying that they couldv’e have created some new characters rather than shove Boba in it. But like CB said, he’s a fan favourite and the devs aren’t stupid enough to know they will sell more copies.

    • Yep – as stated above, I’m not disputing that he was alive at the time, it’s just that he’s been shoe-horned in to appease the fans. The Star Wars universe appears to be almost incestuously small.

      • It’s the lack of creativity and fear of crapness that resulted from Episodes 1-3 I guess.

  3. Everybody knows Boba Fett is the greatest. He even says so himself:

  4. Jango was obviously a lot better than Boba.
    i’m jus’ sayin’

    • Cad Bane ftw

    • I liked Jango, but it pisses me off that they decided to change Boba’s voice in the DVD remakes of the original trilogy to match his voice. Temuera Morrison doesn’t carry off the cool dark calmn that Jason Wingreen had.

  5. Bobs feet was/ is amazing also it’s set before VI

    • Bobs feet? I hope that was a bad iPhone autotext hiccup.

      And AGAIN, no one is saying this is set after VI! Read the text and you’ll see I never claimed Fett couldn’t be in this.

  6. I have always wondered what makes Boba Fett so damed popular. I always felt it was because he’s one of the few background characters that had a name that was spoken in the films. Technically, he should be equally matched with any stormtrooper, but because he has a rocket on his back and… Anyway it’ll be nice to lay the smack to Fett this fall, too bad he’ll survive the encounter.

  7. Like sneaking Pilaf Machine into Mobile Suit Gundam for the lulz….. can’t wait but hey its because of the fans

  8. Just give us a remake of Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Fett nerds like me will lap it up. Or Bounty Hunter II and let us play as Boba. He’s easily the most popular character in the Star Wars universe.

  9. Boba Fett? Meh, I’d much rather be introduced to some new awesome character. Fett’s getting old for me..

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