Impressive New Move Demos

Whether you are intending to run out and grab PlayStation Move at launch, wait for that ‘killer app’, or are not at all interested in motion control in your games, you have to admit that the constant stream of tech demos being shown for the controller at various events are pretty exciting and inventive.

This time around, we’ve got a different variation on the ragdoll demos you might have seen before, as well as some pretty unique implementations of the technology. The video below, from DualShockers and recorded at Sony’s holiday showcase earlier this month, features Anton Mikhailov, a very impressed presenter, and a whole bunch of fun with Move.

Whilst the ragdoll-dismemberment demonstration shows off the precision of the system, and the RTS demo shows how Move is bringing a whole new control method to PS3, it’s the Chameleon demo that is the most impressive of the bunch.

There’s obviously no mention of it ever turning up in a game (although using it to climb in some kind of Move-enabled Uncharted would be awesome), but it shows that the team behind the technology are really thinking outside of the box when it comes to potential uses – hopefully this shows in future titles coming from Sony’s internal teams as well as third-party studios.

Source: PlayStation EU Forums


  1. The gap between Move and Natal just keep widening, this is truly very impressive tech. I echo the JoshHood’s comments – let’s hope game devs can be this creative!

    I think Move is going to be my default Christmas gift to the PS3 owning friends I have :)

  2. Anton strikes me as the perfect gamer’s bloke to show this stuff off. His enthusiasm and sense of humour. Also, you can see the love they have for the tech demos they’re creating.

    The complex selection pattern is quite sweet. Would definitely take a bit of getting used to the sensitivity of the controller but great to see.

    Oh, that chameleon demo is funny and superb! Hahahaha! The first game that hits me is Spiderman. Traversing a city and scaling walls. Oh my!

    • Who’s JoshWood? Either way. Thanks for the article! :-)

      • It’s actually JoshHood. I think JoshWood is probably what he got after watching this video. I can see how you might get confused ;)

      • Obviously, JesseDeya, I can’t revela that kind of sensitive information ;)

    • Hood.

      Josh is our latest addition to the TSA family. We created him in a lab. There was SCIENCE.

    • Anton is adorable! I want to wrap him up and take him home to play games with!

  3. I also thought the Chameleon was the best bit when i saw this a few days ago… i posted a link to TSA but i guess you guys had already seen the vid yourselves but were waiting to post it after the wknd.. :?
    Anyhoo, from the video i’m guessing there’s a few more tech demos we haven’t seen yet either and i just hope those devs are inspired by the neat ideas Dr Marks and Anton have come up with.

  4. The augmented reality stuff is always cool when they show it off, but I’m not actually sure how you use AR within a game.

    Chameleon was very cool, although the dual eye thing made me feel slightly sick, hope that’s not included in any games.

    Overall seems slick and very responsive. However I’m still more interested in the potential abilities of Kinect, if MS can get it to be responsive enough. Like quite a few people though I’m more interested to see what it can do outside of games, rather than in them.

    • If i heard right there might also be Move Apps as well as games in development.

  5. I’m confused. Most of the tech demos and gameplay demonstations I’ve seen utilise a move peripheral in both hands. Why isnt this reflected in price comparisons and start up charts?

    • I think they’re showing off what can be done with two Moves as oppose to a Move and a Navi controller. Even if we don’t end up with two Moves in each household, it’s great to see them showing the devs what can be done.

      • While I agree I woudlnt be able to help but feel mislead, when I eventually pick up a first party game and read ‘for best results use two playstation move remotes’. Also, why release such videos to the public if they’re only intended for developers.

      • All coverage in the media is good coverage but yes, agreed… I’m hoping we don’t see a deluge of 2 x Move games when we’re all sitting there with one of each.

  6. Whats the camera on top of the TV? That aint no PS Eye!?

    • apparently it’s a sensor for the 3Dtv, although 3D wasn’t used for the demo.

    • Good call, what IS that? Presumably some form of dev camera?

  7. The Chameleon stuff looked excellent. As bunimo said, I thought Spiderman instantly. The first part of the demo though with the Ragdoll would be brilliant for Star Wars: TFU. Especially with the force grab and light-saber toss move.

    • Yeah, definitely. It would be a crime to not get a star wars game with full 1:1 saber control and force powers after watching that demo. I hope the people at konami have seen that too. MGS:Rising better have move support and the controller better be well utilized.

  8. Impressive, but still not buying.

    • exactly, no point until the retail games use it to this extent.

  9. Ok now i need Move

  10. Looks better and better every single time I see it.

    Also, I REALLY wish they would make a tech demo cd. Seems like a hell of a lot of fun stuff could be included on a demo cd. :|

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