NBA Jam Classified For PS3/360

Something of a classic for old-schoolers, NBA Jam is still regarded as a beloved basketball franchise from days of yore. You know, before basketballers were known more for their nicknames like ‘The Mailman’ and ‘His Airness’ rather than their tattoos and criminal rap sheets.


Keeping the hoop dream alive, NBA Jam 2010 is due out this October for the Wii. And only the Wii if you believe the suits from EA. Not if you take the word of German ratings board USK, however, with the teutonic classifiers declaring that both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are also on the way.

Whether this is simply the same Wii game put through the HDifier remains to be seen. At least it looks like we’re getting a new basketball game so here’s hoping it lives up to the legacy of its title.

The above image is taken from the Wii version by the way. And no, we don’t know why all their heads are a bit too big. Can we blame Kobe anyway?

Source: Siliconera



  1. the guy in blue looks like he’s about to make a grab at the balls

  2. I’d rather have a new NBA Street.

    • Seconded!

    • Nah… NBA Jam was great and is one of the best sport games ever

  3. “Keeping the hoop dream alive, NBA 2010 is due out this October for the Wii.”

    Is it not NBA Jam?

    • Look again, it IS NBA Jam.

      Flaming half court dunks in HD.

  4. Were their heads not always disproportionate to the rest of their bodies in NBA Jam?

  5. It is ESRB rated too for 360 and PS3

  6. From DOWNTOWN!
    He’s on fire

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