Rush ‘N Attack Footage

Back in April we announced that Rush ‘N Attack: Ex-Patriot, a reboot of the 80’s franchise released over here as Green Beret, was set for release this Autumn on the PSN and XBLA.

At the time we only had some nifty looking screens to show you, but now thanks to the wonder that is Comic-Con we get our first look at gameplay footage.


Did somebody say Shadow Complex?



  1. looks pretty neat, i like the little inset mini map as well

    • Love some of the stealth additions, like hiding in the pit and whistling to gain attention

  2. Have to say it does look exactly like a poor man’s Shadow Complex. Obviously Shadow Complex borrowed elements from games like this, but since it’s already out there you need to do something to set yourself above it.

    • Shhhh
      Green Beret rocked on the Speccie & my mate’s Toshiba MSX

      • This was one tough game on the Speccy , I wonder how todays young whippersnappers could cope with 80’s difficulty levels ?
        I’ll tell you – They’d be a snivelling bunch of whiners , oooh no way to reheal by hiding in a corner , uhhh ? I’m dead but yet they expect me to start the game from the very very beginning ! , No trophies = no sale .
        Some games weren’t even physically possible to complete like Jet Set Willy yet we endeavoured to try again and again ! We where real kids in those days who made our own breakfast and walked or cycled to school , climbed trees , built dangerous swings over cliff edges , fished and shot things . RAAARRRGHH !

    • Who is this poor man and why is he still poor? He’s made loads of stuff now! Surely he’s made some cash.

    • not being written by a homophobic mormon is a good start.

    • I wouldn’t say ‘poor’, this looks very good and while SC is a great game, there’s definitely room for this as well.. IIRC, this game didn’t have many guns in it, so the play style should be quite different to SC in that respect at least.

  3. It reminds of mission impossible on the CBM64. Probably because of the smooth aninmation and platform type gameplay.

  4. I really, really like this game….

    Its looks brilliant :-)

  5. Sweet, I had Green Beret on my Spectrum!

  6. the game looks cool, my memory must be going because the green beret name made me think of a vertically scrolling game, then i realised i was thinking of commando.
    a quick google reminded me what green beret was actually like. :)

  7. the game looks good but I can imagine myself getting stuck and getting frustrated, with that music in the background slowly killing me. I might have to pass on this but its price could persuade me.

  8. This looks really good fun. Definitely consider buying it when it comes out.

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