Rumour: New Tales Game Set For PS3?

The popular ‘Tales’ series looks like it might be heading to the PS3 if leaked information from this week’s issue of Jump is to be believed. PS3 may be getting two Tales games, and even the PSP might be getting in on the act with a new game.  Gaming blog Hachimaki reports that this information has been confirmed by some “in-the-know Tales fans” – but we are still classing this as rumour until Namco Bandai say otherwise.

Of the two PS3 games allegedly on the way, one isn’t actually new but rather a port of the Wii’s ‘Tales of Graces.’ The game will carry the name Tales of Graces F.  The second Tales game is brand new, but currently no further information has been released.

The PSP game is said to be called ‘Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3’ and will feature appearances by over 80 Tales series characters.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Will we ever get Tales of Vesperia in Europe though?

    Probably not now…

  2. Darn it!! I thought you meant a new season of Tales of Monkey Island.

    • I thought the same, but knew it couldn’t be that good.

  3. Ducktales?
    Quackshot please!

    wat? This is some jrpg thingy…. Oh

  4. Never heard of these before, were they any good?

  5. Uh, if it’s on JUMP, one of Japan’s top magazines, I think I would wager this is quite obviously TRUE and not simply a “rumour”. It’s Namco Bandai themselves who would have confirmed this, as this is on a published Japanese magazine. The “in-the-know” fans spoken of in the source article merely confirm it to be true; they have nothing to do with JUMP.
    @Stupid People
    Tales is one of the very best RPGs out there; “JRPG” or not.

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