Kinect: Video Shows Teething Problems

A couple of videos have surfaced which seem to show Kinect is having a few teething problems. The first YouTube video, posted by warzonegamer, shows a player testing out Kinect at one of the Macy’s promotional stands. It seems to be going well until the 4m 25s mark…


A comment on MCV by ‘x360girlgamer’ tells of more problems with the Macy’s demo,

They should try it (Kinect) out a Macy’s… as I had several problems with it in store, it was laggy and kept on glitching because I was wearing a dress, and the menu’s was so hard because the pointer controls was simply broken, more time setting it up than playing it I am not impressed.

The second video, spotted by GamesRadar, appears to have been recorded at a demonstration in Japan and shows Kinect Sports having a shaky start, failing to register players completely and eventually getting moving once more…

It could be argued that the conditions for the second video are far from perfect, perhaps all those camera flashes are confusing the sensor. Reasons for why the Macy’s demo fail are less clear – there is only one player and it’s a well lit environment.

Team TSA are planning an assault on Covent Garden in London this very moment so we can try out Kinect ourselves, we shall report back as soon as we have (hopefully better) news.

Sources: YouTube, GamesRadar.



  1. Planning an assault..
    I like it =D

  2. Oh god … thats awful

  3. Seems the comparisons to the old Eyetoy is not so unjustified. Shame.
    Still, at 5:10 the music gets 90s awesome :)

    • When that song came on I thought this must be a dream come true for Sony

    • That indeed was hilarious!
      ( I like to Move it :P )

  4. Last time I checked they don’t speak Cantonese in Japan :P

    That second video is from HK :)

  5. Oooo, that’s not good. I thought we’d only see lag as being the worst problem but it really did just break. For me, the bloke trying to get into the second game wasn’t doing too much wrong. Especially as the staff member couldn’t get it running either. I wonder what was going wrong. :-\

    Regardless, they weren’t impressed with the lag and it felt like around 0.2 seconds (200ms) for everything including when he was trying to grab the cheetah’s balls. Ha!

  6. I seriously can’t imagine it getting much better by release! They’ve only got a few months left. They would surely have the final design by now along with the (almost) finalised software. It reminds me of a worse version of trying to navigate menus with the PS Eye.

    A lot of people will NOT be pleased when they receive their box. I can imagine an uproar if it is as broken as that on release.

    • Exactly. The final design pretty much has to be locked down by now, and yet there they are, having a ton of issues in a spacious/well-lit environment. The consumer backlash could be quite intense if Kinect goes into homes where all the playing conditions aren’t to its liking, and it becomes an unplayable mess. All we can do is wait and see I guess.

  7. Every day I see more and more reasons not to bother getting Kinect. C’mon Microsoft impress me.

  8. THAT LOOKS AWFUL!!!! The ladies were pleasant to look at though :oD

  9. Kin-nell its Kin-knackered.

  10. This is terrible! It gets worse and worse every time i see a new video. From the lack of quality of the games, the noticable lag, to the thing just not working! £130 for some one who already owns an xbox and £250 for people who dont! Discusting !!!

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