Angry Birds for PSP Confirmed

Who would have thought that an announcement of Angry Birds’ migration to Sony consoles would have came in the form of the daily newspaper, The Sun. Well, I’m sure many were shocked when they casually read that Rovio Mobile are “releasing it on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3”.

We thought that it would be better to simply ask Rovio if they were indeed porting the game to Sony consoles. Thankfully, the lovely chaps replied saying that a PSP version “is in the making”. There’s no confirmation on the PS3 side of things, but it could easily turn out to be a minis title, considering the games mini origins on the iPhone.

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Angry Birds is a fantastic little iPhone and iPad game, in which you fire different coloured birds with different abilities at green pigs and the blockades protecting them, with only one objective: destroy the pigs and get the highest score possible! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Here’s hoping for a PS3 version with Move support, much like Flight Control.


  1. I love this game

  2. Love this game too, cant get past pigs in helmets though

    • I’m stuck on a bit too. They keep adding more levels too so it get’s bigger and bigger.

      • yeah but thats the fun of it lol…free content :P

      • You have to give them credit. They could’ve charged the same amount again and we would’ve all paid but they keep adding levels at no extra cost. God bless them.

        I poo you not, I’d be happy paying a fiver for a 1080p version with Move support. That would be utterly wonderful.

      • Some levels get really tricky, done them all just not 3* them. Not got enough time for that!

  3. Somewhat shamefully, i’ve never managed to get past the fourth level of the demo.. :s

  4. This game is so addictive… I can only hope they release a PS3 version because that would be a day one purchase for me without a doubt.

  5. Love it – Day one purchase, it’s just too addictive.
    Do we have a date for PvZ on PS3 yet?

    • PopCap don’t announce release dates until a lot closer to a product’s actual release. It’s coming though. Trust me. *whistles innocently*

      • methinks that Kovacs has some insider info there… ;)

      • I had the privilege of meeting up with the guys from PopCap. Without going into details, PopCap want their games on all platforms. PvZ on PSN is definitely something they’re looking into.

  6. I’ll have to start reading The Sun for all of my gaming news. Some fine journalism to be had in that paper! :)

    • lolz yeah…the only thing fine about that rag is page 3 lol

  7. I’ve already spent way too much time on Angry Birds.

  8. Its also coming to Android mobiles, rumoured to be mid August.

    • I never knew this! i know a couple of mates that will be happy to hear this ;)

  9. Lovin the Angry Birds…all my friends rob my ipod to play it lol

  10. Now it has more comments than tweets. HAHAHAHAH!

    • LOL – nice one.
      People will be so confused ;)

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