Sony Releases ‘Fixed’ 3.41 Firmware

We reported last week that the release of the latest firmware was causing some problems with those wanting to upgrade their internal hard drives, despite an apparent denial (or innocent ignorance) from Sony’s customer services department.

Well, it now appears that within the last few hours Sony have ‘fixed’ whatever was causing the problem with the last system software update, and have issued a newer firmware, although it’s (obviously) still called 3.41.


According to forum posters, the filename is the same but the MD5 hash is different, and digging deeper (which we don’t recommend) shows that a few of the files were changed.  A speedy turnaround from Sony, although why the newer firmware hasn’t been formally announced is slightly odd.

Those suffering the aforementioned upgrade issues can now download the patched firmware from the PlayStation site and get on with business.

Update: the US Blog has updated its Firmware post, saying the company was “aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27” and “have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change,” apologising for any inconvenience.



  1. Sony guilty?

    • I love how Sony said it’s nothing to do with us, as usual, then come out with a fixed update. Fucking classic, nice one Sony.

      • It’s like they farted or something and their trying to hide it but you can’t hide it, lol

  2. But if you don’t have issues you can keep your current 3.41, right?

  3. It doesn’t get formally announced because it’s an embarrassment to Sony just like the March 1st issue, and they’d rather bury it even though every astute PS3 users will remember clearly.

    • The March 1st/leapyear issue was nothing to do with Sony, though – it was a fault with the internal clock chip, made by someone else. There would have been no way for them to know about it until it happened. Presumably/hopefully now that they know about it, they have adjusted the firmware code to account for any such issues in future.

    • It was never Sony’s fault I think we all knew that right? but the HH issues were a completely different form of issue than what was the leap year bug.

      • It doesn’t matter whose fault it is (and for the record I don’t hear of any other devices using that part which screwed up on that date, but that’s beside the point), it is an embarrassment for Sony whether it is their fault or not, because they take the heat for it. When your web browser crashes, do we blame the dweebs at FreeType who made an unstable font library? No, we blame Microsoft and Mozilla for their “crappy browser reliability”.

        So, whoever’s fault it is, Sony takes the heat, it’s humiliating for them, and they would rather everyone just forget about it – hence, no official announcement on either occasion.

    • Of course that was Sony’s fault, it’s their machine.

      • haha, thats what i was going to say…the badge on the front of the box says sony?!?! its was sonys fault

  4. you still working at night Alex.

  5. SONY’s integrity is intact, everyone suffering the issues are left looking like a bunch of whining luddites.
    At least I can finally start loading some content on to my new drive.

  6. It would appear to now have been announced (, so not so much burying the embarrassment as being a tad slow with telling people. Unless of course there were going to bury it until they realised that we had all realised what they were doing…

  7. so they fixed the not broken update that had nothing wrong with it despite needing fixing.

    • Yeah, odd. Because their explanation of people problems seemed perfectly valid, or at least dj-katy’s did

    • lol yup, just thinking that. Weird Sony huh? >.<

  8. Well at least they did something for once, now if only they could change the psn plus content for this month I’d be happy lol

  9. Hard drive issues? Good thing the patch is out, but to be safe I’m getting my hard drive replaced by pros who guarantee their work. Haggled them down to $20CDN plus the cost of the new drive.

  10. Ha! Brilliant, and after they same out firmly stating that there was nothing wrong with the original update!

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