Sony Releases ‘Fixed’ 3.41 Firmware

We reported last week that the release of the latest firmware was causing some problems with those wanting to upgrade their internal hard drives, despite an apparent denial (or innocent ignorance) from Sony’s customer services department.

Well, it now appears that within the last few hours Sony have ‘fixed’ whatever was causing the problem with the last system software update, and have issued a newer firmware, although it’s (obviously) still called 3.41.


According to forum posters, the filename is the same but the MD5 hash is different, and digging deeper (which we don’t recommend) shows that a few of the files were changed.  A speedy turnaround from Sony, although why the newer firmware hasn’t been formally announced is slightly odd.

Those suffering the aforementioned upgrade issues can now download the patched firmware from the PlayStation site and get on with business.

Update: the US Blog has updated its Firmware post, saying the company was “aware of the symptoms with the system software update 3.41, released on July 27” and “have released a new version of system software update 3.41 with a very minor change,” apologising for any inconvenience.



  1. Well thats good, considering my old ps3 died shortly after upgrading the fimware

    • :( ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. i was getting so frustrated wow the only time i try to replace my hard drive it doesnt work correctly

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