Dead Rising Sun Movie Coming

Capcom are making an episodic zombie film. Yep, not content with making the best zombie/virus-infected-as-good-as-zombies in the world of video games, they’ve turned their hand to movies.

The film is called Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun and will consist of a total of eight episodes going live over the next few weeks. Obviously this is all part of the build up to Dead Rising 2’s hotly-anticipated release, with the final episode going live just before the game’s release at the end of August (Update: following a comment on this story we’ve double checked with Capcom and Dead Rising is actually delayed until Oct 1st in Europe). In keeping with the heritage of the series Capcom are releasing it first exclusively on Xbox Live with episodes going live on the website a week later.


It looks suitably low-budget and self-aware to us, pretty much what you want from a zombie movie.

For a look at the splatter-happy trailer visit the official website and navigate the age-gate.



  1. Capcom have such a good marketing campaign for DR 2 – keep an eye on it.

  2. im looking forward to DR2 so will anyone buy it me? no? then i guess il have to settle with these episodes then – how fun :(

  3. This looks fairly ridiculous, looking forward to it! Loving the pimped out wheelchair!

  4. When people’s eyes glow, I lose interest.

    • That’s true to the game though!

    • did you not like the dcu online trailer then?

  5. i heard about this, looks cheesy but fun.
    just checked the dates, the first episodes should be up today.

    • they are, i’m downloading them now.

  6. By the way Dead Rising 2 isn’t out at the end of the month. It was delayed until end of Sept.

  7. Cool, will check it out

    • same here, take i they won’t be making their way to the PSN any time soon, so I’ll have a look see on the website

      • have the episodes and you can download them, hd versions too.

  8. Just watched episode 1. Quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Loved it!

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