Uncharted Movie Delayed?

Those of you who spent the duration of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune thinking “You know, this would be much better if I didn’t actually have to do anything” may have been looking forward to a movie adaptation. Sony have been furiously beavering away trying to get one hammered out in time for a Summer 2011 release.

According to the LA Times, David O. Russell – who was being lined up to direct – has pulled out. Russell’s stand-out achievements to date have included direction and writing on Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees. Apparently the production team (which includes Charles Roven, one of the “Dark Knight” producers) and the studio had been trying to get Russell on board but all parties have failed to reach terms.


This leaves the future of the movie, although not cancelled – only delayed, in some uncertainty. Sony are believed to be looking for a new director but might look into casting a couple of the roles first. No doubt the internet will fire up the same old rumours of Joss Whedon in the director’s chair and perhaps even a chance for Nolan North to step out of the VO booth and get his face a job.

Personally, I don’t think you could go far wrong with David Boreanaz or perhaps a less-known quantity like Scott Foley for the role of Nathan Drake. Full on A-listers might be tricky to sign if Sony are keen on pushing production through as quickly as possible so mining some of the eminently capable talent from recent TV hits might not be a bad idea. It’s tricky though, since essentially you’re looking for someone to play a young Harrison Ford.

As for Elena? It would be nice to see Yvonne Strahovski or Radha Mitchell considered. Hayden Panettiere might also be a good call if she can shake her “teen” image.

The real genius in casting, though, might just be who they get for the role of Sully. Much of the game’s comedy and depth came via the interplay between Nate and Sully so whoever lands that role might just steal the show.



  1. Wasn’t this rumour? First time I’m hearing of it.

    • I don’t think it’s been announced yet (it still doesn’t have a screenplay, cast or crew AFAIK) but there is a production team for it and the studio are trying to get a director and, if the LA Times’ assumption is to be believed, a cast.

  2. Didn’t even realise that a director had been lined up.

    For the role of Nathan Drake, I’ve always thought of Nathan Fillion. As for Sully, no idea, James Woods perhaps?

    • For Sully – easy Jerry Lambert ;)

      Nathan Drake would have to be Hugh Jackman or maybe…. no, I can’t see past Hugh Jackman

    • I keep my fingers crossed for Stargate Atlantis’ Joe Flanigan for the role of Nate, as his stargate character (Lt. Colonel John Sheppard)nearly is a Nathan Drake from Space. Or pheraps I’ve just been watching to much Stargate

      • Exactly Joe Flanigan both looks like Drake and delivers comic lines like Drake.

        And on that Stargate theme….why not do the radical thing and have the real Chloe voice her. Claudia Black looks very like her anyway and her character in Stargate was very similar(ie.a theif).

      • crap I meant “thief” :-(

    • David Boreanaz would be awesome as Nathan Drake. I hadn’t thought about him. Good call Peter!

      • Agreed, when i’ve been watching Bones noticed how much he looks like Drake a few times!

  3. oh god please don’t let this mess up and become another computer game adaptation that just gets stuck in limbo

  4. The film would be great if they did it right! :)

  5. Bruce Campbell as Sully.

    • That would definitely work….his delivery of one liners in the Evil Dead films and the series Burn Notice fit really well.

      • Agreed! I never saw the Evil Dead films, but I really like his character in burn notice. In fact, they could bring the whole cast from Burn Notice (Donovan as Nate, Campbell as Sully and Anwar as Chloe) and it wouldn’t be the worst choice. Donovan would, in my opinion, still be better as Nate than Nathan Fillion…

  6. Ah, games made into films. Is there one production that hasn’t lost the director before filming started?

  7. Hayden Panettiere for elena, mainly because she is hot :P

    • But, she can’t be killed so it may impact the feeling of danger in the story

    • While Hayden Panettiere is super fine, they’ve got to get the VO for Elena if they’re doing a movie. I mean seriously, look at her:

      She looks way more like her character than Nolan North does for his. And as always, +1 for Nathan Fillion as Drake from me, though I would be fine with Nolan North I guess.

      • Credit given. Visually, she’s perfect for the role.

      • i agree with fillion for drake, he’d be perfect if you ask me.
        and emily rose would be a good choice to reprise her role as elana, she’s not just a voice actress and uncharted wasn’t really just a voice over job what with all the cutscenes being acted out for motion capture.

  8. Josh Hopkins for Nate. Has great charisma and presence on Cougar Town.

    Just look at this pic!

    • Oh my god. He looks like the missing link in that photo! 8-)

  9. Uncharted, welcome to development hell. Please help yourself to some canapés, while you wait. We expect we will be able to see you after Ghostbusters 3, Jurassic Park 4, the Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid and Halo movies. Please do not feed Duke Nukem.

  10. Lets be honest here

    To make an Uncharted movie its going to be a $200m movie… they’re not going to cast an unknown for fear of not having the box office clout to claw back costs.

    If they can’t get a big name because they want to rush it through then they’d be better off waiting.

    There’s also Indy5 on the horizon which would surely impact screenplay, cast, directorial team & production team available to what would be a similar film and also the fear of a split audience again making a return on a big budget movie not guaranteed, not forgetting other big franchises due out next summer like Spidey4 etc

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