4OD, Meet PS3

Channel 4 could be bringing its 4OD service to the PS3. We reported in June that ITV were in talks with Sony about launching the ITV Player on PS3, and now it appears that Channel 4 are following suit.

An unnamed source from Channel 4 has apparently revealed to Broadcast magazine that they are “… looking to launch on the PS3”.

4OD is already available through a range of sources outside of the Channel 4 website such as Virgin’s on-demand service and the much lauded YouTube partnership. Given iPlayer’s success on the console, it makes sense for 4OD to join the party with their own dedicated application and become the first commercial broadcaster to do so.


Whether this would be available as a free download with un-skippable ads in the programmes, or as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription and ad-free is so far open to speculation. Delicious speculation.

Source: Techradar.



  1. Yes please :) Nice selection of catch up TV services would be awesome to have on PS3. i use iPlayer on there all the time

  2. I’m suprised ITV, C4 and five aren’t already on there. I’m expecting a Sky Player announcement at Gamescom to.

    • I thought sky was in some kind of deal with xbox?

      • When Sky launched they said they want to experience other platforms in the future, I don’t know when their ‘year’ or whatever is up, but it can’t be too much longer can it.

    • 5 already runs find on the PS3, was watching CSI on there just the other day :-)

      • Good to know, my TV keeps losing the five usa signal in the middle of UFC Wired, which irks me ever so slightly and has resulted in some quiet tirades of goshes, darneds and blimeys.

  3. Can’t wait to we get a proper iPlayer app this year to. Hopefully we can get BBC HD programmes to!

    • here here HD console, HD TV but iplayer only does SD yet if I download it onto my laptop I can watch HD programmes sort it out BBC

      • Being able to download BBC iPlayer videos to the hard drive that delete after a while (like the Desktop Player) would be great. Wouldn’t need to stream.

  4. this would be a brilliant addition, maybe pushing it to expect film 4 to be in there too?

  5. iPlayer, along with potentially ITVPlayer, 4oD, SeeSaw, LoveFilm and of course the PS3’s browser access to the web as a whole means thing could be pretty much sewn up on the media front on the PS3.

    • was there ever talk of Blinkbox coming as a shortcut (a la iPlayer) or is it going to stay in it’s current state (beta) for the PS3, accessible via internet only?

    • Had a meeting with Channel 4 yesterday (sorry forgot to post this yesterday), but they said the launch of 4OD on PS3 was November. It will be running in a similar fashion to their 40D and SeeSaw channel.

  6. PS3 needs a not totally wank we browser now then

    • why, if its a nicely designed app, the browser has no real effect on it

      • But for everything that isn’t media or TV related the PS3 is seriously gagging for a better web browser.

  7. With iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD, the TV section will finally look some-what populated!

  8. It’s free on Virgin, so it should be free on PS3. Also, ads are skippable on Virgin.

  9. Oh god i hope so :) now all we need is five TV so i can watch gadget show or them rare occasions where i miss CSI :L

  10. Add itv player + five on demand onto tv icon since they already work on the browser, then add this, and re-fix tv catchup and add that 2, then we’re all sorted!

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