New Deus Ex Screens Surface

In light of our earlier story about some of the perks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, now we have some screenshots for you.

The fourth image looks like a scene lifted straight out of Blade Runner, which is obviously awesome, while the others are indicative some of the game’s core mechanics. There’s nothing too revealing or unexpected here, but the hacking screen on show definitely tells us something about the game’s menus. Which, being a Deus Ex game, you should be seeing an awful lot of.


Oh yeah, and it looks really, really pretty.

Source: ActionTrip



  1. Looking good JC, looking good.

    • Agreed :)
      Any news on when it might release?
      Looks great!

    • … I dont think he his JC, but Jensen, Adan Jensen.

      • I thought he meant Jesus Christ

  2. havnt tried any of the “Deus Ex” series, might start here.

  3. very nice especially the heat coming off the gun

    i wonder if it will be a 2 or 3 disks on the old micro-box

  4. Really exited for this game, the E3 trailer was brilliant.

    • Exited?? You mean Excited? Anyway “Deu sex Looks awesome”

      • That is indeed what I meant. The sooner this day is over, the better.

      • I used to work in Game when the original was released and wanted to punch all the idiots asking whether we had “Due Sex” in stock. I was quite an angry young man.

      • LOL

  5. Man, this game just keeps getting better and better! A definite purchase for me -love the stealth styled games.

  6. This better be good, I loved and loathed the trailer in equal measure – It loved the smell of its own farts, had hideous FF-esque character design, but the technology was nice and it looks like it’s taking a lead from GITSSAC, which can only be a good thing.

    • the cgi trailer was made by the ff cgi team

      also personally i found the use of metaphors quite refreshing and in stark contrast to the malevolent alien warmongers hellbent on monopolising power only to be defeated by america bandwagon

      i wonder if it will be pro or con regarding posthumanism personally i find the subject repulsive but its still interesting and makes for great fiction

      • With a grasp on English like that, you’d think you’d have been able to think up a good PSN name. ;-)

      • nope i used my real name : ) boring but powerful TREMBLE BEFORE ME!!!

      • I loved Deus Ex, was a little underwhelmed (but not much) by its sequel and have high hopes for this. I agree wholeheartedly with regards your comments re: warmongering Americans too, it’s one of the things that turned me off Killzone 2 – it was a wasted opportunity to pass cultural comment on world events. That’s why District 9 was, for me at least, a far more relevant, interesting and successful film than Avatar. Be interesting to see some gameplay footage and I sincerely hope the hand to hand fighting is as unforgiving as portrayed in the cutscene.

  7. judging by the screens this is the Xbox build, any news on how the PS3 version is shaping up?

    • No reason to think they will look any different

  8. Those shots looks really good. It was dfficult to tell from the leaked video that was around previously but the detail looks great especially the last pic.

  9. Eeeehehehehehehehe *Gibbers excitedly*

  10. I hope this is more like DEIW than DE, I hated the first one, but loved the second.

    • Really? Most people seem to think the opposite.. Personally, I loved them both in their own way, although I thought the first was better..

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