Plants Vs Zombies XBLA Sneak Peak

PopCap Games have just been in touch with the offer of a “sneak peak” at Plants Vs Zombies on the Xbox Live Arcade. We love PopCap (thanks to Peggle and Bejewelled) so we’re not only taking that chance, we’re offering it to you too. Let’s take a look at the trailer video and then there’s some screens that show off some of the co-op game modes.


Plants Vs Zombies is scheduled for XBLA release on September 8th.



  1. Oh PopCap, please support the PS3 better, your games are so awesome and the delayed releases are annoying

  2. Cant wait for this. Love this on my iphone

    • Have they sorted the frame-rate yet?

      • On iphone 4 its smooth. I have it on 3g with iso4 and it runs like a dog!!

      • Yep. The only killer. I’m guessing the 3GS is fine.

  3. That looks like a superb version. I would happily buy it again. Personally, I hope it comes out for the PS3 as it’s stunning fun.

    The only downside I can see is that Michael Jackson zombie has been changed to some generic ‘fro-dancer zombie. Gutted seeing as Michael Jackson is dead and could easily become a zombie, now more than ever.

    I’m guessing MS asked PopCap to make it a bit more tasteful since the lithe kiddie-hugger bought the farm.

  4. PSN, Please. Trophy for nuking 4 zombies at once!

  5. Now all we need is a PSN version, wich comes free of charge for +subs.

    • no no, that will be in a years time after everyone has bought it, silly.

  6. Looks amazing. I absolutely loved the game on PC and the introduction of the co-op and 2 player versus modes will make it about ten times better. This video also shows why I love the humor of the game ;P

  7. Glad I played this game with mouse controls. It just doesn’t feel the same. But the additions may be worth it.

  8. Co-op will be great!

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