UFC Undisputed Heading To PSP

THQ has announced it is bringing its head crack-a-thon – UFC Undisputed 2010 – to the PSP.  Those expecting a protracted development period are in for a surprise as the release date is down for September 7th.

We are promised;


“All the action, intensity and prestige of the Ultimate Fighting Championship with intelligent and intuitive combat, fighter customization, robust career progression, challenging gameplay modes and explosive ad-hoc wireless play.”

However what we are really concerned about is being able to pull off half the moves on offer using the PSP’s set up.  Can THQ find a control scheme that works?

Currently UFC Undisputed 2010 is riding high on Metacritic with a rating of 85 – hopefully the PSP version can continue this good standard.




  1. Didn’t they mention this at the start of the year? Good that the PSP is getting some games though, but im not interested in this one persoanlly.

  2. The PSP is the only thing keeping me entertained at the moment, with a dry season of ps3 games their has been nothing good to play on that console(except run throughs of mgs4 and ranked super street fighter matches). While for my PSP finished Peace Walker(second best metal gear solid game in my eyes) playing through Jeanne D’arc, Socom tactical stike and bravo team 2 and Persona 3 portable, Let alone Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep in september with Blazblu, Valykria Chronicles 2 and then Ghost of Sparta with God Eater next year for the PSP the New Yakuza game and Patapon 3!. PSP really does have a great lineup still and some great games, seriously underrated portable in in my eyes. Plus the games are dirt cheap, though i would advise everyone to create a american account and buy american psn cards from ebay, american store just has so much more to offer compared to the EU’s.

    Hoping for a demo for this to test the controls, cant see it working well to be honest.

  3. Happy Days! If they get this right maybe I’ll play something other than MHFU (I know there’s loads of other cool stuff but that title just got hooks into meto the tune of over 500 hours)

    Undisputed 2010 is one of my favourite PS3 titles so if this is done well it’ll be a real nice addition to the PSP library.

    So long as they just move to one block button covering high and low and maybe move the bodyshot modifier onto diagonal down forwards to allow the special modifier to stay on the left shoulder that should work ok.

    I sincerely hope that they just go to button bashing for submission attempts/escapes as trying to perform the circular “shining” that is seen in the console version on that nubbin thing the PSP has will likely break my thumb and make me cry.

    • or maybe even use qte’s for the subs game with each fighters input window governed by the discrepancy between their relative submission offense/defense skills.

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