3rd Birthday Sequel Would Be In HD

Tetsuya Nomura has been lighting up Twitter with talk of PSP-exclusive The 3rd Birthday, the “spiritual” successor to Parasite Eve 1 and 2 on the PSOne. Commenting on future plans for the series, Nomura-san has suggested that any further sequels will be in HD. He states:


“In terms of a possible sequel, the next one would be in HD.”

As for the aforementioned original games, the director has asked fans to hold out for the possibility of Aya’s first two adventures appearing on the PSN. He continues:

“As for Parasite Eve 1 and 2 for Game Archives [PSOne Classics in Japan], we’re looking into it. Please wait a bit longer.”

The 3rd Birthday has yet to receive a Western release date.

Via: Siliconera



  1. I would love these to be released, knowing the UK PSN though, that is about as likely as our lord Vernon Kay descending and presenting them to me himself. Which of course is impossible as everyone knows he isn’t real.

    • Well we got a few things before the US FFIX and Vagrant Story.

      • We don’t even know if the US is getting it, let alone us! And the track record isn’t a great one, the US has got far more quality titles. I say we are doomed!

      • They’ve also got countless other games that we don’t have.

      • Yes we do.

    • What Vernon Kay isn’t real, so who is that imbecile on Saturday Night Tv

  2. awesome awesome and a 3rd awesome

  3. Nomura is being an ass hole. Just give us a FF7 remake and then I’ll shut up…and so will millions of others….

    • If its gonna happen, it’ll happen. And i doubt that Nomura will have any clout with a remake. It’ll be down to somone else.

      • Everyone knows deep down that an FFVII remake would never live up to their expectations, and take an age to actually do.
        Personally I’d like a remake of FFVI.
        Anyhow, would love PE 1 & 2 on PSN.

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