Splinter Cell Trilogy For PS3?

November could be a good month for PS3 owning Splinter Cell fans.  Although shunned for Sam Fisher’s latest outing, Amazon France has listed ‘Splinter Cell Trilogy’ coming exclusively to the PS3 at the end of the year.  If one were to assume, it would be that Ubisoft is releasing a HD remake of the first three games.

None of this has been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for an official confirmation/denial.


Source:Amazon France



  1. Wow, thats a cool surprise … please let it be true!

    • The second I saw this on facebook, I decided to marry amazon.com CEO for being so nice.

  2. This would be fantastic. And these foreign amazon listings tend to be right.

  3. Please be true! Please don’t be Conviction!….I want the classics!

  4. I hope they announce this and conviction for PS3

  5. Dear Ubisoft,

    I would very much like to give you money. So if you see fit to release another Rainbow Six title and the game suggested in this article, I would give you my money.

    Kind Regards
    A Inferior Race

    • errr ehmmmm………………. in two words…….. me too

  6. i would love it if this was true. on my copy of the original splinter cell, 1 of the levels always crashed so i had to put in a cheat code to go to the next level, meaning that i would finally be able to play it after all these years. also i always wanted to play 2 and 3 but just never got round to it. in short – this would be amazing!

  7. Please be true, the originals were amazing….. conviction, not so good.

    • same as above would love this to happen.

  8. Stay tuned for an official confirmation/denial? That will be the old, “no comment” then.

  9. Don’t Ubisoft have some kind of exclusivity deal for the 360? Granted, a Splinter Cell trilogy would cover games that were previously on the PS, but as this is technically a new title I would’ve thought that it’d be covered along with Conviction. Suffice to say I hope that it’s not the case, I’d love to get my hands on a next-gen Sam Fisher. So to speak.

    • All they had was a short-term exclusivity deal for Conviction. Ubisoft has hinted several times that they were looking to release Conviction and future Splinter Cell games for the PS3, so this is not surprising in the least.

  10. I’ll give you confirmation. I read in out pre-order book today; “Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Classics”. I’ll get you the date for it tomorrow. Dead excited! :D

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