Killzone 3 Beta May Be Imminent

Wow, a whole weekend of little-to-no news and then this little beauty lands in our inbox. Tipped by a reader and reported via Product Reviews (also via Ironstar) comes a big hint that Guerilla Games’ much anticipated third installment may be about to get a beta.

We have no official confirmation of this but there is a section of the Killzone website which asks users to log in with their PSN account details and then returns you to a login page. There’s also some services that appear to be listed on the PlayStation Network Store (and pictured in the below images from Ironstar). With Gamescom just around the corner and an activation date in these images of the 10th of August (or 8th of October if it is using US date formatting) we might be about to hear something rather special for fans of the PlayStation-exclusive. Or it might all be an extremely early placeholder and an elaborate hoax.


I would say “roll on Gamescom” but I’m also tempted to remind you all of the large announcements that Sony made just before E3. Could we be about to see another big announcement before a show?

Thanks, aerobes.



  1. If this came out for PS+ members then i would sign up :) Hopefully the beta will change some minor details of the online play of KZ2 but not too much

  2. Me likey, I really want in on this as I missed out on the Killzone 2 Beta. There’s bound to be a beta at some poin so why not start now?

  3. eep! Me wannit nooooow!

    I’d say it’s pretty likely to be a PS+ priority thing, but that’s just priority. There’ll still be stuff going to the gen pop of PS3…

    • 100% has to be a PSN+ beta. if a 1st party exclusive ignores those with PSN+ then it will be a farce IMO. Shame as i don’t have Plus, but nice for those who do!

  4. The date says 2008 in that screenshot?

    • yep, might be an error or it might be a doctored photo from the KZ2 beta when that was around. That’s why we’re not making any promises and stressing that it’s not been officially confirmed.

  5. When Is Gamescome?

  6. what a great way to end the weekend! ;) Let’s hope the PSN+ lives up to what they said about beta access, would love to be involved with this.

  7. Hopefully will be PS+ I played the KZ3 beta at PS Beta Rooms and was very impressed, they have defo sotered out the contols can’t wait for this hope it’s true.

  8. they said we were going to get some surprises for PS+ members.

  9. Hopefully we will be getting invited come Monday morning.

  10. Im going to go against the crowd and say I hope its not just for PS+ members. That would feel another small step to needing to pay a subscription for certain features on my Playstation which is something I dont want to do. Also, I dont think they would get enough or as accurate (due to the relatively small numbers of people) testing if it was for just PS+ members.

    • It likely that it’ll be a beta in terms of all betas these days, i.e “glorified demo”. It’s likely the only testing that would be done would be on servers, with no “tester” feedback required. So in that case I would see why Sony might push for it to be in PS+

      • You are most likely correct there. Almsot all these Betas these days are glorified demos, but it still dosnt stop me wanting Sony not to put it on PS+ only for personal reasons! It does make sense however that they would make betas exclsuive to PS+, and they might even get a few more subscribers from doing it.

    • Yea i hope it doesn’t go exclusively to PS+ members . No offence but if you hadn’t have signed up to it then they would have had to have given access to everyone to get sufficient numbers for a proper test.

    • Testing is done by internal teams.

      The only testing that is done in these types of betas is for the server load and matchmaking. My friends list has well over 50% PS+ subscribers so there won’t be shortage of numbers.

      • Almost everyone on my friends list is a PSN+ member so the numbers could be very high.
        I’ve had a look on the official sony beta test forum and there’s no sign of anything Killzone 3, so it might very well be + members that get this one.
        We still get LBP 2 and Dead Nation to test though :)

      • Almost nobody on my friends list is a psn + subscriber though, and my friends list is pretty full.
        If they do make it only psn +, it wouldn’t be a big deal anyway. I think everyone who is wanting the demo, is almost definitely going to buy KZ3 regardless.

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