Prince Of Persia Trilogy For PS3?

Eagle-eyed TSA reader – deX-SC – has spotted that Amazon France has listed ‘Prince of Persia Trilogy’ heading to the PS3 in November.  Add this to the rumoured ‘Splinter Cell Trilogy’, and the end of the year is looking like a complete Ubisoft love-fest!


This isn’t the first time Prince of Persia Trilogy has graced a Sony console – the game already received a PS2 release many moons ago, which is great if you have a backwards compatible PS3.  We’ve asked Ubisoft for comment, and will update when/if they reply – so until then this is in the rumour pile.

Source: Amazon France, thanks deX-SC!



  1. not to fussed with the new one, but if these are HD makeovers ala God Of War. i may pick them up.

  2. ive already got all 3 on my ps2 (same for splinter cell) so theres no real point in me showing any interest in this….but i love prince of persia, please be true :D

    • With the PoP series I sort of agree, it’s a fan item. But the splinter cell games are so abysmally sub parr with the xbox version this HD trilogy is a must. Hopefully all the games will have additions like the MGS and Resi remakes but just prettying them up is nothing to sniff at.

  3. Looks like a pretty exciting Gamescom if this all comes to fruition.

  4. Never got around to fully exploring the Sands of Time trilogy apart from a bit of time on the first game so would welcome this. Especially considering how much I enjoyed Forgotten Sands recently, and I gather that is considered a poor man’s Sands of Time.

  5. Well thats it then. Gamescom, SONY announce a deal with Ubisoft to bring these collections out. Awesome. Question is, who else have they got deals with…?

    • There’s only one company I want some back catalogue games from and that’s EA, with an SSX & Road Rash Collection

  6. Hmmm not as interestes as the God of War ones, so this is a maybe

  7. There’s also a Rayman HD Classics coming out. 26th November should be the release date for them all.

    • Source?

    • It’s from the pre-order book at work. I don’t know what the policy is on me taking a picture of it and posting it on the internet though :P

    • Rayman’s Ubisoft as well for those keeping track.

  8. Never a huge fan of the Splinter Cells/ PoP, however it’s good news for the people that are.

    Now, if they HD’d the first three Silent Hills I’d be interested…

    • eeep they’re too scary!

    • I completely forgot about the SH games. Suffice to say the first three were by large and far the best. If they were to announce this I’d be delerious, my wallet wouldn’t be though

  9. This would be way down on my list.

  10. This is probably just some crazy French guy working at Amazon who found out he’s about to get sacked, so is now trying to piss as many people off as possible.
    Or I could stop being so cynical and just hope that these turn out to be real.

    • lol, but I bet it’s true; pretty much all rumours that come from EU Amazon have been correct.

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