Prince Of Persia Trilogy For PS3?

Eagle-eyed TSA reader – deX-SC – has spotted that Amazon France has listed ‘Prince of Persia Trilogy’ heading to the PS3 in November.  Add this to the rumoured ‘Splinter Cell Trilogy’, and the end of the year is looking like a complete Ubisoft love-fest!


This isn’t the first time Prince of Persia Trilogy has graced a Sony console – the game already received a PS2 release many moons ago, which is great if you have a backwards compatible PS3.  We’ve asked Ubisoft for comment, and will update when/if they reply – so until then this is in the rumour pile.

Source: Amazon France, thanks deX-SC!



  1. Why always boring HD remakes that i’d never heard of when they were on PS2?

    I know it’s not by Ubisoft; but i’d kill for an Ace Combat collection

    • Or GTA or Manhunt, but R* love xbox so much they would never bother :(

      • How do they love he xbox? Hey have only ever deved on game on xbox as a base console, and that was probably because they started develpment when the 360 was on the shelves and PS3 was having a bad time publicity wise. Every other GTA game not to mention he ‘stories’ series for the PSP were all designed using playstation software

  2. I’ll believe the third parties are getting in on the act with these collections when I see it for myself, but for now I’m calling bullshit on France.

    Wouldn’t mind a PoP collection though. Would make sense as well now they’ve started revisiting the ‘old’ continuity in current titles, and I would LOVE an excuse to play Sands of Time again, as it was one of the best PS2 games back in the day.

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