Racers 2nd Lap Coming Early For PS+

It’s starting to happen. PlayStation Plus subscribers are finally getting more than just pushed content they may or may not actually want. PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap will be available to (US) PlayStation Plusites a full two weeks before their mere mortal PSN user counterparts from tomorrow. Subscribers to the book/digital club will also get 25% off the price of the game. ($6.99)

Don’t worry, there’s still some good news for all. Existing Racers owners will be able to avail of this new download for the grand old price of nada. Can’t argue with that.

No news of this scenario extending to Europe, but we’ll drop Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert a mail and see if he can comment at this point.

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap adds trophies, leader-boards and a ghost-car, as well as a whole new difficulty setting. Even more good news is that it does not overwrite your existing version. Happy days for all the masochists out there who prefer the more gruelling of racing punishments and want to stick with the original version.

Here’s a look at what’s coming:

Update: Dylan has got back to us and stated: “I haven’t heard anything yet about Europe PS+.” Note the word “yet”. Fingers crossed.

Source: US PlayStation Blog


  1. Playstation Plus subscribers are now finally being recognised. Not for EU to triumph NA in digital content =]

    • Personally I bought playstation plus on release day and since the like a lot of other uusrrs have found nothing to justify actually informing other users that this is worth actually buying. I know that a couple of weeks back we had the Kane and lynch demo a whole two days before general release but scee simply have not done enough to justify this.

      On the back of this I just eantvto add that I also subscribe to first play and have received an email from them stating if this was included in the playstation plus service would I be more likely to subscribe to playstation plus which says to me that this is something that is being thought of.

      Also why are Sony not linking this to the video service as well?

      • Hate predictive text lol.

      • Find nothing to recommend it to others?

        So far I’ve got 3 full games (loving the digital copy of LBP, I play it far more now that there’s no disc swapping involved.) 2 PS1 games and 4 Minis. It has already recouped the £34 it cost me, leaving the next TEN months to milk it. If anything has been better value in the world of gaming before then I’ve never seen it.

  2. When is the release date?

    • “… a full two weeks before their mere mortal PSN user counterparts from tomorrow.”

      So, that’s now today. Note: this is the US release date.

      • Ok, thanks, I missed the tomorrow bit.

  3. Great news, Kovacs. Lovely way to look after the fans of the game.

  4. It’s been available on the Hong Kong store for a few days.

  5. Not details for the EU though :/.
    *checks TSA logo* Yup, says European…, so how come we get news that only effects the US, what we can only frown on because we’ll get mentioned item later.
    Sorry I’m being picky today :).

    • Menopause? :-P

      • because even though i am from the UK and pay for PS+ i like to see how comes the US get more than us.

    • An article about a global service which has different regional flavours is, in my opinion, relavent to European gamers. How would you know that there are differences and hence a topic to discuss if we ignored other regions? Also, as mentioned above, we’ll check with Dylan and ask for a comment regarding Europe.

      This article also presents a *possible* similar scenario for what we’ll get. And if we don’t, it sparks further interesting debate about the ongoing perception of PS+ as operating in different regions.

      • Exactly. It helps us work out if PS+ is a good service in the EU or not. Undirected anger is no good. We need names! :-)

    • It’s specifically for me. That’s why.

  6. glad to see more then just the content for PS+ users

  7. So if you don’t have the original and you subscribe to PS+ you can buy the second one at 25% off although that doesn’t include the original game, whereas if you do own the original and aren’t a subscriber you can get the second one for free? Or am i just reading it that way to please myself as a non-subscriber :)

    • Kind of right. It is the original, just with added features. So owners of the original just get an update. But the update is a full game, so that they also have the original copy to go back to.
      As it is I went and got me some HK credit to get it for the sweet price of £3.50, as it’s $6.99 and the original’s $6.99 I’m assuming that when we do (eventually) get it over here it’s going to be £6.29.

  8. How much does it do ?

    *cups ears*

  9. looks like something nice to check out

  10. Finally something for the PS+ subs. IMO, to make PS+ worth it for me, almost everything needs to be like this. Plus there needs to be more content for me to sub.

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