Developer Drops 5000 Guitars In Volcano

August is traditionally known within the media as ‘Silly Season’ as most people are off topping up their tan rather than generating anything news worthy. Just this morning the BBC Breakfast news, the UK’s flagship breakfast program had a feature on a man who collected beer cans.

The gaming world is not immune to the August madness – witness Cardboard WipeOut– but developer Seven45 studios has truly taken the biscuit when it comes to hatstand fruit-loopery. They are behind the upcoming PS3 and Xbox music game, ‘Power Gig: Rise of the Six-String’ which uses a real guitar controller with six strings, rather than a plastic peripheral with buttons.

To show their dislike for the Rock Band / Guitar Hero style peripherals the team rounded up an entire truck load of the competitors controllers and then dropped them in a volcano. A real, live, red, fiery Icelandic volcano.

Next week: Guerilla Games will be forcing the entire Halo development team in to a barrel, then sailing them over Niagara Falls.*

Source: Play3.De

* Not really.


  1. That was awesome :P… I don’t care if its a gimmick lol.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………

  3. What a bunch of dumb-asses.

  4. These guys have to be American, childish. tut tut.

    • The idea is American. The guys in the video are Icelandic. Childish? maybe. Fun? probably :)

  5. Hahaha! That was superb. Surely they just collected all broken guitars and didn’t fork out for new ones.

  6. Even my sister [a total non-gamer, except for LittleBigPlanet] loved this :D

  7. They could have strapped them up so they fell into the volcano and not all over the place i bet a lot of them didn’t land in it

  8. they could have done the world a favour and dropped a few thousand ride controllers into a volcano.

  9. Is this the reason that the volcano was erupting a couple of months ago???

    • That isn´t the volcano that erupted, this one has been dormant for years and the “lava” you see isn´t there.

  10. I’m going to go out on a limb here and cry FAAAKE!!

    1) There are currently no volcanoes on Iceland with a nice calm lava lake in them (as seen in the video). There certainly wasn’t when I was there earlier this year.

    * Erta Ale, Ethiopia (definitely not this one)
    * Mount Erebus, Antarctica (again, no)
    * Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (more likely)
    * Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo (nope – not tropcial)
    * Ambrym, Vanuatu (whooo? – but no)

    Are your persistant lava lakes.

    2) Before anyone says anything about the eruption earlier this year…. When it was erupting lava (before all the ash) this was a fissure eruption so no nice calm lava lake but rather a big crack. The eruption this year also occured during winter, the lavafields were covered in snow. They obviously weren’t here.

    3) The take off does look like it’s from Reykjavik though (the runway number, taxiway and lake with the little bridge across.

    4) The lavafields look rather smooth and therefore fresh. The lavafields on iceland are considerably more jagged looking. This is also a result of the type of lava that comes out the volcanoes – more likely Hawaii.

    My guess is, yes they took off from Reykjavik and filmed it, but the volcano you see is in Hawaii – or CG or probably both. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you could get away with throwing 1 ton of plastic out of an aircraft, at low altitude, above a national park.

    • It´s all real except for the lava, that´s fake.

    • Congrats, you are right.
      This is in Iceland but they were not allowed to drop it into Eyjafjallajökull (the currently active volcano). Therefore they dropped it into another volcano (Hekla) that is inactive, and the only fake in this video is the lava-field as you said.
      There have been a lot of comments here on environmental issues, but don’t worry; there was a group of people down below that picked up all the litter :)
      The guys that threw out the guitars are from the Icelandic fire-department and the ones that picked them up are from a rescue-unit.
      Cool ad in my opinion.

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