Dead Rising 2 Brought Forward

Capcom have moved up zombie-slaying sequel Dead Rising 2’s console editions by a week in Europe and Australia, and it will now come out on September 24th in the UK.


The game was previously pegged for an October 1st release, but now European gamers will get to play the game before the Americans and Japanese, whose dates remain the 28th and 30th respectively. The PC version of the game will be released in Europe and Australia on the 28th September.

Source: MCV



  1. Great, we’ll be able to play something before the Japanese, and not the other way around

  2. Is this a dream …??

    • It would seem like it, wouldn’t it

    • it is a dream , you will wake up and to find it has been delayed

  3. Good news!

  4. Is this gonna be any good, though? Is there any storyline or anything? All footage I see is about demonstrating what you can mash up zombies with, and it looks extremely repetitive (to me).

    • Did you get to play the original on the 360? I thought it was going to be fun but repetitive too but it was actually a really good game. It was the best of both worlds as you could do the missions etc if you wanted to reveal the story, or if you didn’t care you could just go round smashing zombies.
      The only time I got bored was when I farmed the 53000 kills achievement ;)

      As long as they have improved the AI this should be one of the best games this year.

      • No, I didn’t play the first one, as I’ve never been on the Microsoft platform.
        Your endorsement has made me feel positive about it again, though – so cheers very much for the feedback! :D

      • Personally, from all the 360 exclusives I played this was by far the best.

      • No problem Scavenga :)
        And I agree, DR was probably my favourite 360 exclusive too. I can take or leave Gears of War and I don’t really like Halo but I couldn’t get enough of this game when it was released.

      • Nice, cheers fellas!

  5. Good news. Getting this for online co-op. :)

  6. A week or two before FIFA! :)

  7. Nice can’t wait to play have been looking forward to this one for a long time

  8. Does it have split-screen co-op??

  9. good news looking forward to playing this.

  10. excited excited excited!!! it was only about a week ago i was thinking… havnt heard much about DR2.. and thinking to my self “has it been cut?”

    Then the other day, information gets posted.. now this…. AHHH!!!!! excited excited excited :D :D :D :D :D YAYYY!!!

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