EU PS+ Users Also Getting Early Racers 2nd Lap

We mentioned it when the US blog announced the deal and people started yelling about the yanks getting preferential treatment. We asked Dylan himself and he frankly wasn’t sure. Well, rest assured people, EU PS+ users will also be getting access to PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap a full two weeks before it’s available to all. Just like our American friends. There, equality. Isn’t it great?

Here’s the official update from our good friend Mike over on the EU blog.

“UPDATE: I’ve just been given the information about a new addition for PlayStation Plus today; Plus subscribers will have two week’s early access to PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap and have a 20% discount on it, too. However, if you already own PixelJunk Racers then 2nd Lap is free.”

You may put down your pitch-forks and stop eying US cities maniacally, dreams of conquest and glory duly quelled … for now.

Source: Official PlayStation EU blog



  2. I just had my pitch-fork, tar and feathers packed, was about to light my torch when this news came in. So I’ll unpack… for this time…

    • The great cities of Des Moines, Iowa and Greensboro, North Carolina do thank you, Sgt. SanMartinez.

      • Pitchfork is so old skool, I was coming with a sledge hammer :D

      • That’s great to hear. I was so excited about my angry mob trip

    • “…pitch-fork, tar and feathers…”, sounds like a great night in!

      • Well if you are planning on an angry mob, you might as well do it right =D

      • *Passes the ‘TSA Sexual Deviant Crown’ to Amphlett*

      • I guess I need reading lessons, as I’ve read it as great night out! Now the picture just came to mind….

  3. so whats the actual release date now?

    • PS+ today.
      PSN Regular – August 25th

      (I think)

  4. I wonder when P+ subscribers will get something decent? Two weeks and not even a full game.

    • Eh? I’ve got 1 full retail game, 2 full PSN games 2 PS1 games and 4 Minis, 2 lots of quality DLC, paid for itself already (with ease) and I’ve still got ten and half months left

      • I mean early games/betas/demos etc….I can see how the full games/minis will be good for some, but doesn’t do anything for me so far. I’m hoping to sign up if we get any decent reasons to sign up for.
        cc, do you know if KZ3 will be early beta for P+?

      • The problem isn’t what they included, but the decision you need to make about buying what isn’t included for fear of it later turning up

        I’ve decided not to buy anything on the PSN now, unless it’s released by Q-Games or ThatGameCompany and in their cases I wouldn’t even care if it was free the hour after I’d bought it.

        KZ3 beta info is all just rumours at the min – but from what I’ve heard it still needs more internal testing before a ‘beta’ (glorified demo) is released on the masses

      • re dlc only thing interested me wouldve been mstorm,
        but when u buy a game u love, id say majority of people dont wait a yr to get the dlc
        i want current content, not bargin basment
        the whole p+ is an insult to any most, more so to a hcore gamer like myself

  5. This and Dead Rising early … wow are people liking the EU now?

    • I really hope so, it would be a nice change

  6. this isnt actually on the store yet which is a shame :(

  7. 1st piece of equally… faint
    we just need the rest of the entire store equalised

  8. Groovy, hopefully the auto download thing will actually do something of use this afternoon then.

  9. They’ve really ramped down the difficulty on this. Used to be on the original PJR where you needed to get gold in every race in an event to get an overall gold, but I just got gold and bronze and got an overall gold award.

    Still fun though.

  10. It must seriously suck to be an EU subscriber to PS+. I can’t really see the appeal(Yet) of the service as a whole to be honest, but the sheer disparity in the amount of content the US has been getting compared to what the EU users have been thrown makes all those past US to EU screwjobs look like nothing in comparison.

    • I had a look on the US Store and most of their content seems to be solely discounted games.

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