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The Daily Star is at it again. Not content with using the grief of a recently bereaved grandmother to satisfy their hunger for games-related controversy, they’ve searched out Steve Pope (remember, the psychotherapist who compared playing games to snorting charlie?) for a couple of vague soundbites that misguidedly allude to the non-fact that video games are bad for, well, everything. I really wish they’d let Jerry Lawton write all of their anti-entertainment stuff, I’m losing track of who I think is an idiot.

The daily “newspaper” has managed to conjure up a story implying that some premier league footballers are letting their game suffer because they’re spending too much time playing video games. Look, here’s their quote:

FOOTBALL stars are so addicted to video games they are wrecking their performances, it was claimed. They stay up into the early hours playing the night before important matches.

The “newspaper” makes no indication of who “it was claimed” by but it’s a reasonable assumption that it was the country’s leading cocaine-expert Mr. Pope. Here’s another quote from the “article” that the Daily Star have published:

Joe Cole, 28, David James, 40, and Cesc Fabregas, 23, have admitted in the past to spending hours glued to their consoles.

So that’s one of the most talented and exciting English midfielders in recent years, the Premiership’s best English goalkeeper of the past four or five years and a World Cup winning Spanish playmaker widely considered to be one of the best passers of the ball in the world. They really should put those DualShock 3’s down and practice a bit more shouldn’t they? But hold on, the Daily Star might have a new lawyer because the very next paragraph in their “article” reads like a legal disclaimer on a story that everyone involved with knows is an utter fabrication:

But there is no indication they are among those receiving help or that their game has suffered.

“…no indication”. Right, Daily Star, I’ve been sitting on this little piece of advice for a while now because I yearn to believe that since you claim to be a newspaper (and you’ve got people in your offices that actually went to school and probably have one or two journalism degrees between them) you might know better than I do. I realise now that my desperate desire for you to be a real source of journalism is to be forever unfulfilled so I’ll point something out to you without fear of being intellectually outclassed by your team of crack story-inventors: If there’s “no indication” then it’s probably not worth writing a story about it. Since “no indication” esentially means that there is absolutely nothing to substantiate the claims that you’re making then perhaps those claims are best left un-made?

For example, I could claim – right now – that the Daily Star “journalists” write all their stories with a green biro on the discarded banana skins from the gorilla enclosures of China’s national zoos. I have no indication that those claims are true but all I’m saying is, your newsroom might smell faintly of bananas. Allegedly.*

It’s not really a proper news story though, is it? There’s no evidence, no proof. No substantiation and not even an explicit source. So it would seem that it’s nothing but a charming little hate-inciting story that you’ve made up to further your own bigotry about video games.

Incidentally, if any of the “journalists” at the Daily Star want to contact me for more soundbites concerning the green-biro-banana-skin scoop I’ve just given you then feel free, my email address is on the staff page.

*for the record, because we’re not as dishonest as it appears the Daily Star are, I completely made up the tale about green biros and banana skins for a laugh. It is not, to the best of my knowledge, true. We should probably send someone to check though.

Source: Daily Star via CVG’s Tim Ingham.



  1. Uhoh. Now the country’s going to blame video games for destroying England at the World Cup.

    At least it’s original.

    • But on a videogame, at least i actually got england to beat germany and go on further through the cup :) They could learn something from them :D

      • Dumb thing is…top flight football players have to stay in hotel the night before a game,home or away,to ensure no sex or drink before kick off.late nights are also another reason,so late night gaming sessions in a hotel before a match seem way to far fetched!

    • Video-games are only partly to blame, the rest is split between Marilyn Manson, the super-devil and Dora the Explorer

      • I saw a dinner set of her the other day. I had to buy the dessert part because it was A-Dora-Bowl

      • OUT. NOW.

      • “I saw a dinner set of her the other day. I had to buy the dessert part because it was A-Dora-Bowl”
        …somehow you have managed to post the best and worst comment of the day all in one go ;)

  2. I haven’t read the story (sorry) due to the fact this happens so often and it’s always the same that eventually it becomes too sickening and repetitive to read, but I just want to say that I think video games are really bad for everyone and should be banned. They promote violent behaviour in young impressionable teenagers and are scientifically proven to be directly correlated to an increase in crime rate.

    Oh sh*t. I think I have just been conditioned by mainstream media into believing something if they tell me it’s true often enough.

    Wonder which is more dangerous?

    • you need to read this when you get chance, its funny.

      • Heh, I shall later.

        Did I mention that also only the anorexic girls are pretty and that if I’m tired in the morning I must have some fatal disease that can luckily be cured by over-the-counter meds from the pharmacy? Also I must see about consolidating my loans later.

  3. It’s the daily star. I don’t think many people actually read it anyway? (hopefully not). I do wish all this rubbish stopped though.

  4. I cannot believe The Daily Star!

    Green biros?! Bastards!

  5. Ashley Cole plays online too. I remember him saying in an interview that him and Rooney meet up online on the Xbox and play COD all night sometimes. There could be some truth to the story, although, I wouldn’t believe anything this paper says anyway.

    • shaun wright philips is another that plays on his x box a lot. he did an interview on james corden’s world cup .

  6. You need to do a video rant about this Cb, it would be brilliant!

    • Has Yahtzee done that yet? Don’t think we can if he hasn’t.

  7. They’re up there with the Daily Fail. I really wish there was a way to stop this sort of shit being reported (no, not Peter’s article but the original piece in the Star :-)). It’s not like there’s a direct relationship; not even a tenuous correlation but… but… “no indication” as you pointed out. How can this even make the printers!

    • Daily Fail exists? Here I come, Google!

  8. Haha way to put those morons down Cb

  9. Morons > Daily Star

  10. I’ve heard that one before so it’s not even original. Simple fact is if you do any hobby late into the night your work performance the next day will suffer.

    • That is not true! I play video games and watch documentaries all night and I am up punctually at 3pm every day for work :D

      • 3pm? you’re joking.
        what kind of slave driver makes you get up at 3pm?
        you should report them to the court of human rights.

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