PES 2011 Beta Registration Open

Konami is now allowing gamers to register for an upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 beta.

The beta is due to kick off (pun intended) this coming Tuesday morning, and will be available to a select few chosen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners.


The focus of the beta will be on the new Master League Online feature, which lets players build their own team and compete against other teams online.

Many claim that Pro Evo has lost its way over the last few years, allowing EA’s FIFA to put the boot in (woohoo, more puns!) – this may be your chance to leave feedback and help set things right.

Click here to enter.

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Registered, simply for curiosity.

    • Me too, though i have a feeling FIFA will again be better

      • never been better gameplay wise only more pleasing on the eye

    • Me too

      fingers crossed

  2. Thank’s for the heads up, Dan =)

  3. Thought they’d released the beta as PES2010, although I’d say it was more alpha

  4. entered. event tho i plan on getting fifa anyway…

  5. Registered, although I dont like football games and don’t own many.

  6. Nice one dan. I signed up. Was pro evo upto 6, then switched to fifa. I didnt plan on getting 10 and I dont plan on getting 11 but £25 supermarket deals keep me coming back everytime! (Secretly hoping fifa11 gets supermarche’d)

  7. I’ve registered for it as i want to be able to help improve pes. It’s rubbish and always has been in my opinion, too arcadey and no licences. Still, it’s worth having a go of a beta and trying to help improve the game,

  8. if faced with either a free copy of fifa, or a priced copy of pes
    pes no question
    as when pes is crap, it still relegates fifa

    • PES 5 & 6 were as far ahead of FIFA as FIFA is ahead now.
      FIFA only caught up & overtook, because PES didn’t innovate and they just rested on their laurels.

      It will be a long road back for them, but EA Montreal are motivated to be the best.

      I hope PES improves dramatically because it will benefit me as a FIFA fanboy

      • opinion
        fifa has always felt arcadey and a bit easy to score
        pes the fotty sim ftw
        diff strokes diff folks

        end of the day i hope we all get the football game we w8 each yr for, regardless if fifa or pes
        i still always try fifa each yr, but pes in my blood

    • haha give over, no fan boys please. thanks.

  9. Come on PES , fly that flag again… Hoping Seabass has done a better job this time round .

  10. Thanks for the heads up. Ihope I get in!

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