Yoda To Appear In Star Wars: Force Unleashed II

LucasArts has confirmed that TSA’s favourite bouncing green bogey – Yoda – will be making a cameo appearance in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – but in what role?  LucasArts set the scene as follows;

“Starkiller, having escaped the clutches of Darth Vader on the planet Kamino, senses something calling out to him from the planet Dagobah. Arriving there, he encounters a familiar face and one of the most powerful Jedi to ever live – Yoda. Outside of the iconic Cave of Evils, Yoda provides Starkiller with crucial insight about the inner turmoil tearing his mind apart and his quest to reunite with Juno Eclipse.”

We would love to have an unlockable Yoda skin to play through the game with – pretty please?


Source: Kotaku



  1. I’m a sucker for Yoda cameos but I think I will resist the force for this one. Not really into SW games anymore :/

    • But The force Unleashed was one of the best SW games I’ve ever played.

      • Me too – I loved SWFU (not to be mistaken for STFU of course!) & even took the time to platinmum it! Only reason i didn’t bother with the DLC was because it was a tad too pricey! But aside from a few glitches, i thought it was great.

      • not played many star wars games then! The jedi knight academy games are far superior

      • And KOTOR. Jedi Power Battles was pretty great too. Plo Koon with his Orange lightsaber FTW!

        I probably shouldn’t have watched this or the Boba Fett video either. Really cannot wait now.

      • Nope afraid not – Don’t have a PC for gaming (just work on one), & never owned an Xbox so that rules out both Jedi Knight Academy & KOTOR. I did have a Playstation back in the day, but it appears that i missed Jedi Power Battles!
        As far as 3rd person hack & slash adventures based in the star wars universe go though, SWFU was pretty good (IMO of course).

    • Yes it was the best I had played I can’t wait until FU2 is finally in my hands!!

  2. Star Wars bored of I am!

    • blasphemy(meant light heartily)

      • I dunno, they bring one or two half decent games out, but they are normally very average.

      • ^agreed… i live in hope

  3. Love the quality of the cut scenes. Starkiller actor is quite good i must say

    • You may or may not know this but the character starkiller’s likeness is pretty much what the actor looks like – he has also starred in Smallville as Doomsday…

      Facts for the day brought to you by the letter P and the number 6

      • Juno eclipse also looks pretty similar in real life if i remember rightly.

  4. to appear in the force unleashed 2 yoda is.
    would have been a much better headline. :)

    • I need several mugs of coffee before I can think of things like that :op plus it had already been done elsewhere!

  5. Yay YODA!!!!! :)

  6. Oh wow, I can’t wait for this :D

  7. Yay yoda!!!!

  8. Talk normal I cannot

  9. Incredible, this cutscene looks. Possibly meh, this game may be…

  10. Cave of Evils? Is that yoof slang?
    Yeah man he was like, livinina cave of evils or summat.

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