Flight Control PS3 Detailed, Dated

Firemint have contacted us with the first set of official details for the upcoming iPhone port of Flight Control to the PS3.  Excitingly, the game will support both PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D, and will run at 1080p.

The game, which casts players in the role of a busy air traffic controller, has been a massive hit on Apple’s portable format (and there’s also a HD version on the iPad, too).  Starting slowly, players draw paths for the planes and helicopters to direct them to their respective runways and landing pads, whilst avoiding collisions with other aircraft.

On the PS3, players have the option to play solo or co-op with friends with up to four people supported in drop-in, drop-out style.  “Multiplayer is insanely fun, you can never be quite sure whether a new player is going to help or hinder your efforts so there tends to be a lot of laughing and jeering,” Firemint’s CEO, Rob Murray, told us. “It’s turned Flight Control HD into an extremely social game.”

The art assets will be updated to 1080p, and will support an optional stereoscopic 3D mode throughout the game, with aircraft “appearing to float over the landscape” if you’ve got a fancy new 3D television set.  The PS3 version also boasts an exclusive “Metropolis” map that cycles through day and night.

The game will be released on the 15th of September, and will be playable with the normal Dualshock controller if you’re not sold on a Move just yet.

Image above is a mock-up.



  1. Multiplayer would be carnage! Not sure if 3D is really necessary on a game like that but good to keep pushing it into as many titles as possible.
    I can imagine total craziness with 4 players on this!

  2. Will be one of the first games I pick up when I get my Move sticks and stuff next Feb/March

    • why the wait til feb/march?

      • Other than this thats when the Move games I want are out

    • fair enough. I can’t help myself and will get it day 1. I also got the ps3 eyetoy when it was first released though…

      • Yeah so did I.
        I really want Killzone 3 & Sorcery so hopefully they’ll be a Move stick bundle for each, saving me some valuable pennies picking up games I want and Move sticks in the process.

  3. They’ve done quite a bit from just an app, adding move, 3D and all. Hopefully more developers start adding these tech too, especially for ports of apps/download games, since it adds more reason to re-purchase it.

    Im gonna buy this, looks fun

  4. Awesome! Multiplayer should be very interesting!

  5. I love the ipod game, but I can’t see how this would keep my interest for that long, even in 3D and with Move. Multiplayer sounds better I think.

  6. I can’t wait!!!

  7. i am so excited this game ismore addictive than bejewled!

  8. I simply cannot work out how this game can work well with anything but move. It’ll be like using an Etch-a-Sketch until people get a Move controller. However, once that’s done, it looks great. Co-op could be insane!

    • I would have got this game if I was buying Move. But I’m not, so I won’t.

    • Yeah it’s be dreadful, unless the PS3 makes the arc for you

  9. This is my favourite game on my iTouch, so ill probably get it unless it gets really bad reviews for when playing with the Dualshocks.

  10. Happy days been playing something quite similar to this on my Android phone, great fun. Would be very messy to play without Move though or touch screen.

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