New Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 Trailers

Sony has uploaded the Gamescom trailers for two of next year’s big titles, Killzone 3 and Infamous 2.

The Killzone 3 trailer gives us our first glimpse of the game’s multiplayer mode, with footage from the game’s Corinth Highway map. You can see jetpacks and exoskeletons (apparently “the first of several player-operable vehicles in Killzone 3”), as well as what looks like a revamped abilities menu on the left of the screen. Oh and it looks gorgeous, naturally. The PlayStation Blog also reveals that the sequel will have two new game modes, while also touching more upon the brutal melee attacks shown in previous trailers and better matchmaking. As expected, Killzone 3 also ships with a whole heap of unlockable rewards and ranks.


The Infamous 2 trailer is a bit different, showing frozen scenes of destruction in the game’s New Marais, all accompanied by “Land of the Rising Sun”. If you squint at the end of the trailer you can also see that Cole appears to have lost all of his hair again, after the reception to “Rainbow Cole” at the game’s announcement.

Both games are currently pegged for a 2011 release, with Killzone 3 due in March.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog (1,2)



  1. Lovin the Killzone 3 one, inFamous 2 not so much. Bit bored!

    Multiplayer looks excellent once again. Definately getting this one and will play online! I just hope they add more ranks and unlockables.

    • Really i liked the inFamous 2 trailer it was abit different from the last inFamous trailer but still loked great..
      Killzone looked EPIC as usual really can’t wait for this

  2. Yawn, not a fan of online and infamous is just plain bad imo. SP from KZ2 was brilliant tho so i can’t wait for 3.

  3. I don’t know what I think of the vehicles in multiplayer guess it will give purpose to rocker launchers.

    It doesn’t seem to tell you who you killed I like to know that.

    I can’t see any health bar :/

    • Do you have a health bar on COD? I reckon they’ve probably made it a bit easier to see the action.

      • not sure to be honest i had to think what the old/current hud looked like even though i was on it 20 mins ago I’m losing my mind. Suppose it shows how much notice I take of it all. Still want to see my kills though as i know when i have killed then and can laugh :)

      • team killed*

    • I’d like a health bar too, KZ2 does it. Also I hope you can turn off those annoying +100 stats somewhere. I DON’T want to see that when I play. That lovely sound is enough :D

      • they may add it on release, or let it be an option. they might of took it off to give us more view of the graphics

  4. Best trailer ever. Of the month. This week.
    InFamous I mean.
    Killzone3 looks exactly how I expected it to. No suprises there. Really wasnt expecting that from the InFamous trailer though, love it.

    • Completely agree, loved the infamous2 trailer…as clever as a peach!

  5. Oh my god!!! They both look so good. What a great day to own a PS3. I cant wait for these :))

    • dam right its a great day

    • With you on that one. Both great game trailers and shows the diversity of the big hitters on the PS3 coming soon. Top banana.

  6. I don’t care about online or multiplayer, but I am thrilled by the looks of KZ3 anyways!! :D:D:D

  7. Vechicles … hmmm cant eecide whether good or bad

  8. I guess it’s horses for courses, but I really liked Infamous and I will be getting Infamous 2.

    I’m not so sure about KZ3, I’m not really into online multi-player, I’ve enjoyed the SP campaign of KZ2, despite being useless at the FPS genre, KZ3 does look fantastic though.

    That said, I thought the ‘nice’ when the Helgan was stabbed was a little OTT.

  9. I thought the infamous 2 trailer was very good, very atmospheric, in spite of the fact that i thought the 1st game was distinctly average on every level except possibly the storytelling.

  10. I hope to god Infamous 2 is good. The first one had so much potential but it made too many bad design choices. Not the kind of quality you’d expect from a Sony game.

    Killzone 3 on the other hand looks suitably epic.

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