Fighters Uncaged Announced For Kinect

Ubisoft have announced a new brawler, Fighters Uncaged, coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 with Kinect this November.

Fighters Uncaged is being developed by AMA Studios, and will “deliver players the excitement of real fighting competitions”, as well as actually teaching the martial arts techniques that they are using.


Players can use 70 different attacks “inspired by martial arts”, and compete in 21 arenas including rooftops, an abandoned church, and the docks. The game also includes “voice-activated super strikes”, unlockable moves and abilities, and online multiplayer.

“Fighters Uncaged is the first motion fighting game for Microsoft Kinect™, dedicated to a core audience,” said Adam Novickas, US marketing director at Ubisoft. “Fighters Uncaged requires players to get out of their seat to engage in a controller-free full-body combat game and experience the authentic fighting style of Thai boxing.”

The game is scheduled for a November release, so will most likely be launch title for Kinect on November 10th.

Source: Press release



  1. looks fun for those who buy Kinect. Dare I say there was a bit of lag on that?

    • yeah. I wonder what happens with the lag issue when you go to block or parry!

      Could be irritating to say the least….

      imagine how annoying it woul be playing a constant light jabber online!

  2. Games like this will put a foot in the door for ‘core games’ on Kinect, but I presume at some point in the future we’re going to see hands-on and most likely lag, the kind of lag that wouldn’t matter and will be unnoticeable in a family situation or at a drunken party, but does matter to core gamers.

    I still think it will be the 2nd of wave of games, probably 2nd half of 2011 before the game code is optimised enough for core gamers to buy into the whole Kinect experience.

    • Bloody hell mate, how hard is this devils advocate being??

  3. And I thought The Fight was knackering …

    • It’s been declared by the devs of Fight Night, that the next one Fight Night Champions (2011) won’t have motion controls, because gamers just won’t be able to cope.

      Anyone who’s had a fight will know that about 30sec-1min is about the most that people will manage. It’s going to take some game design to get around this

      • I am so glad about that. As much as it would of been cool i would never had played it as i like my Fight Night played with my DS3.

      • id like fight night with move, they could just stick to amateur fighting so you only do 4 rounds.

        On topic of this story…I await the Daily Mail story of ‘Game teaches children deadly fighting techniques’ *sigh*

  4. Anybody remember Eyetoy Kinetic Combat?

  5. I like The Fight more but it looks ok for being a kinect game.

  6. I see its direction. But I think you need something, a reference point, something to work with for a Motion style game to keep you interested.

    I just dont see it and kinda see why it wasnt a huge success when the PS2 tried. Good idea dont get me wrong, but it needs that lift to put it up there with the likes of Move, Wiimote, DS3 and such!

    Just seems like things arent going MS’s way now PS3 is maturing and Wii is still at dizzying heights so they remain pretty much care free.

    • yeah, camera only controls need a killer app/games or some sort of revolution. at the moment, its just hit and motion detection so it all seems limited. EyeToy failed for a reason…

  7. Looked laggy to me too. Pretty sure The Fight on Move will be better judging purely on all of the hands on reports I have read and what the Move controller can do.

    • Really? All I’ve read about The Fight is that its a cumbersome lag-fest (although later builds have shown some improvement) and lacks variety to be a full blown game. Some people have been polite and said it’s ‘interesting’ and we all know what that means.

      • As much as you say people are attacking Kinect, you seem to be doing the same for MOVE? There doesn’t seem to be a single negative themed comment about Kinect without you jumping in to defend it. In trying to stop fanboyism you’ve become one yourself

      • Can’t think of one other Move comment where I’m negative towards it, all I’ve ever said is the better games, in my opinion are out next Feb/Mar and I’ll be picking it up then.

        With regard to this negative comment about The Fight, you should see what the rest of the internet says about it, ‘mixed’ would be edging on the side of caution.

      • I have to agree that I haven’t heard anything too good about the Fight. Fighting games should work with motion control but it doesn’t look too good at the moment. KUNG FU LIVE though? Bring that on. Or they should just hurry up and give us the lightsaber motion game we all truly want

  8. It looks fun a good game to fight in own place is also a good way of excersing. Wax on, wax off. =)
    Still will keep an eye out on this.

  9. Again, looks really meh and average. So far there isn’t one game that jumps out at me from Kinnect. When you couple that against Move with Sorcery and Killzone 3, well its easy to see where my moneys going.

    I really cant see any deep game coming out of Kinnect but I suppose its not what they want. The masses will lap it up.

  10. Looks decent, but the effort. Can’t imagine playing for very long, which ruins the immersivness of a game.

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