Fighters Uncaged Announced For Kinect

Ubisoft have announced a new brawler, Fighters Uncaged, coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 with Kinect this November.

Fighters Uncaged is being developed by AMA Studios, and will “deliver players the excitement of real fighting competitions”, as well as actually teaching the martial arts techniques that they are using.


Players can use 70 different attacks “inspired by martial arts”, and compete in 21 arenas including rooftops, an abandoned church, and the docks. The game also includes “voice-activated super strikes”, unlockable moves and abilities, and online multiplayer.

“Fighters Uncaged is the first motion fighting game for Microsoft Kinect™, dedicated to a core audience,” said Adam Novickas, US marketing director at Ubisoft. “Fighters Uncaged requires players to get out of their seat to engage in a controller-free full-body combat game and experience the authentic fighting style of Thai boxing.”

The game is scheduled for a November release, so will most likely be launch title for Kinect on November 10th.

Source: Press release



  1. I’m assuming the Special Edition will come with free contents insurance as furniture is going to break, definitely!

  2. If i had Kinect i would pick this up definately. Doesn’t have the same gritty feel(IMO)as The Fight but the kicks and combos look more interesting.

    There is lag in both this and The Fight but they still look good to me

  3. Can’t really tell much about this game…

    70 attack moves kind of implies that all the animations are canned, but are being triggered by basically the same motion in real life. Which, actually, makes sense, because stuff you see from The Fight has plenty of glancing blows and actual missed punched going on… Can’t even remember if that’s 100% 1:1 motion…

    Either way, they don’t interest me… It’s no fun if you don’t risk getting punched in face and then knifed. :P

  4. It’s not for me but it actually looks ok for a kinect game.

    • It does look pretty good, would actually be more fun as a workout than most of those workout games. Time will tell if this (and The Fight for that matter) are accurate, responsive and rewarding – or frustrating due to lag and misread inputs.

      No wonder Kinect needs 350 square meters to play in, it’s so you don’t put your foot through the TV!

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