Resi 5 Getting Move At Launch

Capcom have confirmed that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will be being patched for Sony’s Move motion controller at launch in the States, on September 19th.

Players will be able to use any controller configuration in online co-op (one player can use Move whilst the other uses a DualShock), and Move will be supported in the story and Mercenaries modes, as well as the bonus episodes. The company also confirmed that Italy and Spain, which didn’t get the Gold Edition, will be getting a special Move Edition of the game.


Move launches here in the UK two days before the US, on September 17th, but there’s no word from Capcom if we’ll get the patch earlier or just have to wait for a global release on the Sunday.

Source: Joystiq



  1. nothing says motion controller like standing still to shoot

    • Perfect title for Move then with its lack of/limited lower body tracking ;)

      • ohhh cheeky but at least we can sit down

      • yep, no stamping on zombies heads…..

  2. Not played Resi 5 yet, getting Move at launch as well so should be a good pickup. Think you can get the Gold edition for about £15 now.

    • I just had a quick look and best price right now would seem to be £39.99!

  3. Misleading title! Thought it was coming to the standard edition :(

  4. that’s nice of em, they wont bother patching the original version, you can buy a whole new copy instead.
    aren’t capcom nice.

  5. Surely they can patch the original Resi 5 too?

    Seems a bit unfair, i dont have the Gold Edition because i bought all the DLC off the store.

  6. Actually the patch problem has a scientific expalnation, the normal ps3 edition of resi 5 used more ram and resources, the gold edition was more streamlined because of these updates that they knew was coming. this is what i read from capcom themselves and i think tsa reported on it.

    • Yep – read about this on the Playstation US Blogs, theres a reasonable amount of explanation from Sony and Capcom and a big no to a patch for the original shipped version. With Gold being up for preorder at £15 think thats still cheaper than the combined DLC that comes with it (if you havent already downloaded it that is).

  7. Woohoo

    RE5 Move should be stunning

    I can now sell my Wii :)

  8. Great news :)

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