PS3 Jailbroken?

We got a news tip from one of our readers this morning which contains some alarming news, if true. The link we were provided with took us to a forum post (we won’t be linking to them from here) which claims to have “Jailbroken” the PlayStation 3.

The modchip seems to come as a USB dongle, claims to be completely compatible with original and slim versions of the console and allow the playing of “backups” from either the internal hard disk or an external, USB disk. They claim that it supports all current software, although they won’t guarantee online functionality for future titles.


Homebrew is also supported but it won’t allow the playing of software from previous consoles (no backwards compatibility). The page they link to for retail of this device (which we’re also not giving any publicity to) wouldn’t load when we tried it but there are claims that the retailer will be ready to go within 48 hours.

Essentially, this is a device which (regardless of the claims made) voids your warranty and makes your console unstable and unsupported by the manufacturer. The site in question makes cursory mentions of homebrew and naive attempts to sidestep the illegality of the device by saying that it’s for playing “backup” software.

Make no mistake: this device, if real, will mostly be used to pirate software and steal from creative individuals. That’s something that we never condone. We hope that, if this device turns out to be real, Sony’s lawyers are all over it.



  1. Oh god.

  2. Backups? WOWZERS!

    • Sales of Blu-ray burners and LoveFilm subscriptions soar…

      However, if this has happened then will we be able expect weekly firmware updates for unexplained ‘software stability’ like in the old days when java exploits were possible and people could play a ‘backup’ of early titles like Warhawk & Motorstorm (if memory serves me correct)

      • I’ve gor a BD-RE put the PS3 BD in and nothing showed up, I believe it asked me if I wanted to format it.

        I don’t know if cloaning it would pick up anything.

        Note:I was just curious about what the files/filestructure was like, I had no intention of copying games,

      • You can see the file structure with software apparently

      • Yeah, with Linux on my 60gb I could browse the files on any blu-ray game write freely. I used to check how big certain games were – lying rascals, as MGS4 only used 33gb.

  3. It (non-hackable console) was good while it lasted.

  4. Odds are anyone that has this plugged into their PS3 is going to see it turn into a fireworks display.

  5. I’m sure Sony will release a firmware update to stop this. No matter what they do, Sony will always be able to patch it as it’s their console. People either have to update, or lose PSN functionality.

    • Thing is, i would love to have this option on my PS3. Not for pirating, but for the genuiwine reason of just getting a massive HDD and just loading all my games on to it and not have to worry about keeping the boxes on shelving. i like clutter free space in my room, and DVD/BD boxes make the cabinets untidy, would be great to buy a massive HDD, and just plow all my media onto it then play or watch at will.

      Maybe if they allowed the game to be copied on to a HDD via the PS3, then link that disk to that console, so on game boot it checks both disk copy and PS3 codes match, then allow the game to run…if not, error back to XMB.

      • I can see where you are coming from but that method will be far too easy to be hacked.

        You could put your disks in large disk case holders?

      • yea, maybe. i’m sure there is a way of doing it though. online activation or something… would just be nice. also, no more getting up and swapping disks which is always smart. lol. Yea i could get a cd wallet i guess, then put boxes in attic

      • I don’t think it would be that hard. They could have something like a unique code with each copy of a game and if you want to install it, you associate that code with your PSN ID. The console then just checks that a game is in your ‘library’ each time you load it.

      • yea, that sort of thing works with DLC, so i see no reason it couldnt work…

      • Sounds like another way to kill the preowned market to me… don’t tell EA about this idea!

      • You need to remember that not everyone even connects their console to the internet. For this idea to work, in order to play a disk based game, you would need to connect to the internet in order to activate before playing. Plus, what if you have two PS3s? I suppose it could link the game to your PSN profile, but then, what if there is more than one person living in your house and therefore have multiple profiles.

      • Same here. I would love to install mod nation racers onto say – a solid state drive. I imagine the load times wouldn’t be so bad then!

      • @ Uhyve – …

        Put the disk in ;) and the none internet enabled people need not worry, as they just carry on as per usual.

      • But then you could just install the game on your console, and give your game to a friend that doesn’t intend to use it online.

    • It may have to remain like with the exploit in the Fat PSP due to design. By the looks of things this USB triggers the dev mode to run unsigned code. Similar to what happened with the Fat PSP.
      This may be patched by releasing a new motherboard or new system like Sony did with the PSP 3000 and orignal Playstation.

      • Oh noes they will remove the USBs! Remember Other OS?

    • Yes they will release a firmware update that will patch this problem up in a jiffy. They will disable all USB ports and the dongle will be rendered useless. Wait… this reminds me of something Sony did in the past…

  6. I dont understand the back-ups bit? What is this? Does that mean you can copy someone elses games and play on yours?

    • They claim that you can rip your discs to a hard disk (the internal PS3 one or an external USB disk) and play games off the hdd with no need for an actual game disc anymore. So rent, rip and keep as long as you don’t mind stealing and don’t get caught.

      • Wondered why a 1TB HDD was top of Amazon’s sales rankings /joke

      • He asked what the ‘backups’ bit meant. That means you can rip your disks to HDD so the original disk is not needed and won’t get damaged. Very few people will use it for this purpose of course but it is not completely without foundation. My GTA4 disk got damaged while in my PS3 and stopped being readable. I had to replace it.

      • Other than renters, the owners of Blu-ray will testify to the stunning durability of the discs. So cc will be setting up a new site called and retiring in six months time.

        There we go, cc. I knew you’d get back into games on the PS3 sooner or later. ;-) I’ll have LBP2 to go, please.

      • Yeah, same HDD backup functionality they had in the PS2. Quite a good feature because the loading times were a lot shorter and there was no noise of the disc drive. I would like this feature to be officially possible with the ps3. But I dont think it will happen :(

    • cheers guys, now I get it. Naughty stuff really. lets hope it gets sorted by Sony if true

  7. Can’t be good news. Hope Sony’s working on it.

  8. Oh good. Well done Sony, you borked my linux box for nothing

    • Get off your hindsight thrown, you tart! :-P

      • Is that like a throne? ;)

      • Get off your spelling throan. :-P Hahahaha! Ah, typing-too-quick replies. Aren’t they fun! *coughs* :-)

      • Finally, bunimo makes a mistake and I’m there to catch it. :D

      • To think I welcomed you back. Sheesh!

      • Well it’s obviously a welcome back present :) I still love you ;)

  9. This sounds very much something that was writen on PS3 hacking sites last year.

    The story when something like this:-
    1) Some one was on holiday
    2) The local cafe had PS3 that where playing a copyed games
    3) The PS3 used a USB dongled
    4) Then made there own video of being used
    All edvance so far says that was is a prank video.

    All the system hacking sites on this subject have not been able to get hold amazing kit to independently verify this even really exists.

    I dont know but if I was at Sony after last year prank video I would made shore that software can not run from USB. That just makes sence.

    • Apparently there is a video on… wait, probably shouldn’t link to it, but the site has been slashdotted to hell anyways.

      • Had quick watch of the video, the only thing comes to mind is looks like using “System Diagnostic Test” issue.

  10. You cannot do what they claim with a USB Dongle, this has to be fake…

    • Unless Sony use some sort of repair USB stick, which enables some sort of debug mode, which this crack is utilizing. But I don’t see Sony doing that, that would just be completely stupid… *cough*pandora*cough*

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