Defense Secretary Says No To Medal of Honor

EA’s Medal of Honor has attracted the appropriate media storm for allowing gamers to play as the Taliban in its multiplayer, and now Liam Fox, UK Defense Secretary, has thrown in his two pennies’ worth.

In a comment to The Guardian, Fox expressed his disgust that such a game would encourage and reward players for attacking the allied forces.

I am disgusted and angry. It’s hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game. I would urge retailers to show their support for our armed forces and ban this tasteless product.

Failing an outright ban on EA’s title, Liam Fox can certainly work the guilt trip angle on UK retailers.

We always like to shine a light on this kind of knee jerk reaction here at TSA. While in this case The Guardian has presented a balanced story, it’s nonetheless embarrassing to see how video games are still regarded among the nation’s decision makers.

Source: The Guardian


  1. again, back to that point where no one minds the Hurt Locker, 4 Lions, etc..

    • I seem to remember 4lions receiving widespread condemnation and The Hurt Locker sparked loads of debate. I may be wrong, however I think the focus in the films was a great deal of back story and soul searching which is very different from just blowing shit up in a video game.

      Liam Fox went on to say the taliban have killed peoples fathers and husband, the idea that people should be rewarded for attacking Nato troops is abhorent.

      Which, although short-sighted, in his position as the person responsible for those lives is going to say. It’s not like the game deals with backstory or anything and presents it like the films you’ve mentioned treating the subject matter in a way to provoke thought.

      • Anyone who thinks “playing videos games” is the same as “doing an actual, meaningful thing” is completely broken in the brain and I can’t believe the UK actually has someone that stupid in any kind of position of power.

        Furthermore, anyone who thinks video games “reward players” in any measurable way is equally retarded.

      • “un-British”, yeah, sitting in your own home, playing your own video game you purchased with your own money in your home country.

        You must uphold your country’s values in EVERYTHING you do, no matter how make-believe, personal or escapist it may be.


      • I thought telling the story from both sides of a war is a good idea, and if done properly could be a great method of story telling, but if it is just blowing stuff up with a different army, it does seem harsh on our own troops…BUT, people dont seem to have a problem the other way around. Players in Africa always have to play as Marines, SAS ect and blow up places in Africa, kill African civ’s…but thats more than OK isnt Mr Fox. what a dick. Things go both ways in this world

      • There’s no campaign or single player story mode behind it, where you can attempt to see the opposing point of view.

        It’s just multiplayer, there’s no story to it other than kill the opposing team, but through creating the subject matter of the game EA have no choice but for the other team to play the Taliban, because they are the opposing forces – Its not like within the subject matter of this version of medal of honor that EA can just parachute in some faceless long-dead nazis as the enemy

      • I can;t believe I’m going to say this, but on the little information I have read about it I do think he has a point. It does sound pretty distastful, however I suppose it is just a game.

      • bit disappointing if thats the case cc. One could argue though, that other war games have us playing as Nazi or rebels ect, so this is no different, its just current events.

  2. At two pennies, I think you have seriously overvalued Liam Fox’s thoughts.

  3. *headdesk*

  4. This is pathetic.

  5. They always find something to bitch about

  6. 2 illegal wars that have killed thousands of innocent people whilst ensuring profit for a few large corporations.

    Oh yeah, it’s the video game that is disgusting…

    • those two wars were cods’ fault

    • voolar, best comment i have seen on this website

      • I’m here all week – try the Clam Chowder, it’s lovely….

  7. While I absolutely don’t agree with that Fox guy, I do think EA have done this for the publicity and nothing else. I’m sure the furore around that airport scene in MW2 didn’t hurt sales

  8. This has all been for the publicity. To EA, this is their own ‘No Russian’ for sales.

  9. Just as well I haven’t listened to politicians since my age exceeded the average politicians IQ.

    • you sound very smart to be a 5 year old.

  10. we have also seen news of a guy getting a hole in one this morning…………slow news day, nothing much going lets dig out a video game to have a go at. Just stupid wish that these poeple would get a grip.

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