Arkham City Screens Are Amazing

Not much time for words. Also, I’ve been rendered slightly speechless. These new screenshots, courtesy of NeoGaf and Flickr, are stunning.



  1. Holy expletives!! *wipes drool*

  2. WOW…

  3. Liking the new harley costume, more resemblant of the original.

  4. Could not be more psyched for this game. I heart you, Rocksteady.

  5. I’ve seen a lot better in terms of visuals this year. As for gameplay, well I didn’t really see what people were banging on about with the last game tbh. Batman looked absolutely dreadful, the game was repetative, and the voice acting wasn’t exactly amazing. Game of the year, I do not think so.

    • finally somebody who agrees with me, i said this on an amazon review and got absoulutly slated by every1, 0 out of 40 found this review helpful and like 100 people commented saying i was a retard

      • If I’m brutally honest, it reminded me of a game that had been slapped together for the launch of a console. Looked like one too. I played it for about 3 hours before trading it back in again.

      • thats probably because, in most people’s eyes, you are.

      • I don’t agree with you at all, but the people who made comments about you because of your point of view are dicks. Not everyone liked the game, I didn’t think killzone 2 was all that. These comments are worth having to show that just because a lot of people liked it doesn’t mean you will.

      • i deleted the review in the end, i figured it out and it took about 6 hours to complete, i had the game for two days(school days)and played it twice and it was completed, boring and repatative and nothing like the batman i imagined, the bosses were simple on normal and all you had to do was tap one button all the time, truly awful. but i will give arkham city a try

      • Personally I loved the game and it’s probably my proudest platinum to date.

    • Really? I think the graphics look pretty top-notch, although may well be target renders. Really like the style, they’re not going for ultra-realism, seems to me to be a sort of mix of realism and overblown art style.

      As for the first game, I don’t think it looked dreadful, although it wasn’t a stand out. The game play was a little repative at time, but not overly so. The biggest issue was the AI, but I still liked the gameplay overall.

      However where would we be if we all thought the same? From what I’ve seen of Uncharted 2 I don’t really rate it.

      • Also, I thought the voice acting was superb.

      • At the end of the day, he still ran like he was nailed to a wooden board. The animations were shite.

    • I had a lot of problems with the game.

      The AI was no different to a predetermined path in LBP, gameplay was repetitive as hell.

      I didn’t like the way Mark Hamill played the Joker but that was just my personal preference so I won’t hold that against the game.

      But, yeah for me I thought the game started off average but then got poor and I was and still am confused as to how it was up there with other GotY contenders.

      • Thats exactly what I was thinking, only you wrote it a bit better. Thanks ;)

      • Horses for courses!! I can’t understand the appeal of the COD series, bored the arse off me! B:AA I thought was excellent. Got the best feel of any comic character in a video game so far!! It would be pretty fecking boring around here if we all shared the same views!!

      • I think the combat system was a major reason for GOTY status. How many games can you name that make you feel like you can take on an entire gang of henchmen, just as Batman would feel.
        Music was good, and the voice acting on everyone apart from Batman was really good as well.

      • @cc_star: funny the TSA review gave 9/10..
        “Batman: Arkham Asylum will, we feel, ultimately be considered amongst the best video games of this generation.”
        maybe more TSA members should give ratings per game? ( not whole reviews just scores)

        For me this was one of the games I played to the end, and got back for all the riddles.

    • agreed. i was left wondering what all the fuss was about. the cameras gave me a headache, the enemies ai was useless, the visualas ‘meh’. i liked detective view, an found some of the animation nice and fluid, but overall i was unimpressed. that being said, tesco are selling it for £12, which is imo the perfect price and if i’d spent that on it, i wouldn’t have anything to gripe about

  6. *ahem* Hello, Catwoman.

    • and who’s your friend? new look Harley? nice to meet you…

    • Boobies! :D

  7. that looks really good, never been a fan of the comic batman or old version but i loved the dark knight and batman begins. didnt really like batman AA because i would prefer it to be in a city, fortunately it now is so lookinf forward to it.

  8. Rendered real-time or pre-rendered? Either way, they’re looking pretty solid.

    • Always the issue isn’t it. Still, looking cool even if it’s not target renders.

  9. Cleavage Alert! WOW

  10. *zzzzzzzziiiiiiiiippppppppp* whoops sorry Catwoman…

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