EyePet Move Edition: Patch Clarification

There’s been some confusion over EyePet Move Edition (reviewed here) and whether you’ll be able to upgrade to the motion control version without having to splash out on another Blu-ray.

We are happy to confirm that we’ve spoken to Sony this morning and the story is good news: there’s a patch for everyone that already owns EyePet, and if you don’t, you’ll be able to buy the Move Edition on disk.

The patch is free, should be out by the time Move hits the shelves, and will transform the ‘magic card’ version into one that works with the Move. Read what we think of the new EyePet here.

All good.


  1. Nice one. I was looking earlier and you can buy it brand new on ebay for £13, used £10 and in some stores £7. Seems like a bargain.

    • HMV online doing it for £7.99 new. http://www.find-games.co.uk/20610-eyepet-game-only.htm

      Sure I saw it for £2.99 new somewhere yesterday.

    • “it’s worth £3 just for the trophies” err trophies are worthless. lol. i still don’t fully understand what the point in them are, its just an icon on your XMB?!?! the only useful feature of them, is that i can view other friends trophies and see if we have any games that match so we can play each other…

      Anywho… Still might be worth getting if you have kids…doesn’t seem something a grown up would play, but my daughter would find it fun

      • Wow, rather narrow minded. I’m 30 and I thought Eyepet was fun but I got frustrated with the control, so it’s one of the games I’m most looking forward to playing with Move.

      • not narrow minded, i just haven’t seen it live, only via videos and write ups. just seems tamagotchi-ish, cartooney style games are not all for kids, as MNR, LPB or shank show, but this one just looks like its made for children.

      • Hey you, my trophies mean everything to me -.- they’re who I am, if you can’t accept this, that’s fine…. I’ll go now :(

      • there was meant to be a little bit of sarcasm in my post but never mind. I use to be a trophy whore but can’t be arsed anymore.
        Ive bought it from amazon for £6 inc postage. Hopefully my gf will enjoy it.

      • Trophies are a great feature it brings a sense of achievement to a game & has more people getting the most out of games instead of a go on normal & that’s it more people try games on hard now than they did before.

  2. So this does mean that the more savvy shopper will nip out and grab a cheap/used copy now. Still, I doubt they are expecting to shift millions of copies of the game anyway

    • people might as well do, what with eye pet mag and heavy rain all getting patches to use move and being cheap now,it would be a good time to go out hunting for bargains it seams.

      • Certainly, I got MAG pre-owned for less than £15 this week, and you can get EyePet new online for £7 or £8.

    • I got it months ago 2nd hand for £15 , i only bought it for the camera in anticipation of PS Move (honest!) . I might fire it up when i get the move . At least its something to play around with when my move controller arrives before i get my teeth into TW11 and Virtua Tennis 4.

  3. But does the patch include all the new game modes though or will that be DLC? There is a difference between patching out the Magic Card with a Move controller and having new Move-only gameplay modes added – like the water pistol, the jumping hoop, and the on-screen drawing that creates 3D shaped pieces. AFAIK none of these things are included in the normal version of EyePet?

    • All the live action tutorials would have to be changed too thinking about it – and of course not every EyePet owner will be getting Move so they couldn’t replace them on the non-Move Branded version…

    • that’s a good point but you have to remember if you have a small child or children wanting to play, £7-8 is nothing to pay to keep them entertained and the extra stuff will most possibly come on the store anyway to buy at a later date if so wanted to.

    • I’d also like some clarification around this please TSA.

  4. great news. I will be using this, Heavy Rain and Sports Champions to test out Move after I get it.

  5. Good good :D

  6. Great news.

  7. so what would happen if i bought a used heavy rain a few weeks after move came out. would it still get the patch or is it that once the move edition comes out, you can only get move support with that one? that may sound a little confusing :)

    • Heavy Rain is a free patch. Coming “this year” but not sure of the exact date yet.

  8. Great news indeed! Like the idea of free patches to current games. Charging for a patch around launch of the Move controller would not be appropriate in my view. Surely the developers need the experience in incorporating Move support, and Sony needs early adopters for the new controller to take off…
    Didn’t charge for rumble-support when the current DualShock3 controller was replacing the original SixAxis…

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