Inafune Teases Resident Evil 6

A formal announcement from Capcom should be on the horizon, but for now the designer behind Mega Man has strongly hinted – to say the least – that Resident Evil 6 is on its way.

Translated from an interview with Spanish gaming site 3Djuegos, Keiji Inafune has said:


Given the great success that supposed for us Resident Evil 5, we want that Resident Evil 6 leaves as rapidly as possible to the market. In fact, you will shortly have the news of Capcom about this…

Forgive the dodgy web translation, but this is as good a confirmation of the next installment in Capcom’s premier franchise as we’ve had.

With recent announcements that the developer will be working with more Western talent on future projects, we could see another new direction for Resident Evil. Or we could have another co-op action adventure with vampires instead of zombies.

Vampires are still cool, right?

Source: NeoGAF via CVG



  1. Well Brains or Blood… i’ll gobble it up..

  2. I prefer Zombies, as I hate shooting things that can fly, and at least we can see zombies behind us if there’s a mirror in front.

    • Actually, in RE5, I belive your worst enemy wasn’t going to be zombies nor parasites, it’d be the sun.

  3. this proberly be announced at TGS because it is always full of supprises unlike e3 which was dissapointing….

  4. lets hope they remove the “tank” controls

  5. Zombies please … vampires are soooo unrealistic :P

  6. Given the success of Dead Space, I wonder if Capcom will be tempted to go back to it’s roots with a slower paced and more claustrophobic survival horror rather than the action game it’s become in recent years…

    • I thought Dead Space wasn’t a success (financially). Enjoyed it thoroughly though, just like RE5.

      • Heh, Dead Space didn’t do THAT well but it has enjoyed a lot of positive feeling after the fact. Sort of like when a movie become a cult classic as a DVD release despite a lacklustre box office performance.

        I loved it personally.

      • Well Dead Space didn’t have the benefit of an established brand and it was from EA before people realised EA actually aren’t all that bad anymore. But it was critically acclaimed and despite being a slow burner was successful enough to get a sequel (something EA’s other new IP of the time Mirror’s Edge didn’t manage).

        If it was called ‘Resident Evil Future 2414’ or something like that it would have probably been a smash hit, just like I’m guessing Dead Space 2 will be a smash hit now the brand is established and people have realised what a good game the first one was…

        I guess my point is I’m hoping the next Resi reinvents itself a bit, and goes back to making you scared/tense/claustrophobic rather than running around shooting with a co-op buddy. They also need a better way to cause tension than making you stand still while aiming – Dead Space allowed you to move around and it was far more atmospheric and scary than any recent Resi game.

        I guess I just miss the good old fashioned survival horror genre of relentless slow-moving zombies that chased you around the house and were hard to kill with your limited ammo supply. Dead Space showed that the survival horror concept still works…

      • @Apnomis I’m still hoping for a Mirrors Edge 2. I dont think any game this generation (including my ultimate favourites Uncharted/2) has left me so in awe and amazed and what i was playing. Playing ME for the first time was absoloutely brilliant stringing together cool free running.

        I really want a sequel.

  7. Megaman are you alive?

    • I’m hoping to hear something from Volnutt at TGS.

  8. you are going to fight characters such as ryu and ken from street fighter instead of vamipires and vombies end of.

    • ‘Vombies’???? Is that some kind of random cross breed??

  9. It’s got to be old skool zombies they have to do the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis gamplay but with DeadSpace feel they can use it as an inspiration =) none of this melted zombies like an advert of Areos Chocolate “It will only melt in your mouth” slurs

    • Yeah I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Back to the Zombies – a mix of the L4D and Classic Resi zombies with a few mutant nasties thrown in – and a Dead Space control scheme including strafing the movement while shooting. Lovely stuff.

      • I miss slow zombies, personally, there should just be swarms of them while you’re in a place which would allow that kind of gameplay event.

  10. I wish they wouldn’t tack an AI-driven sidekick onto the single-player game again, but something tells me the co-op formula is here to stay.

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