Inafune Teases Resident Evil 6

A formal announcement from Capcom should be on the horizon, but for now the designer behind Mega Man has strongly hinted – to say the least – that Resident Evil 6 is on its way.

Translated from an interview with Spanish gaming site 3Djuegos, Keiji Inafune has said:


Given the great success that supposed for us Resident Evil 5, we want that Resident Evil 6 leaves as rapidly as possible to the market. In fact, you will shortly have the news of Capcom about this…

Forgive the dodgy web translation, but this is as good a confirmation of the next installment in Capcom’s premier franchise as we’ve had.

With recent announcements that the developer will be working with more Western talent on future projects, we could see another new direction for Resident Evil. Or we could have another co-op action adventure with vampires instead of zombies.

Vampires are still cool, right?

Source: NeoGAF via CVG



  1. I hope they keep the coop part. I’m currently playing it with my brother and although we both aren’t huge Resident Evil fans, it’s damn fun to team up and kick some zombie ass!

  2. I’ve still yet to get RE5 yet, I’ll be buying the Move edition of that one! I enjoyed RE4 massively on the Wii so I cam imagine I’ll love this too.

    RE6 I hope goes more horror though. Need a good game to be scared by! (I mean scared not just jumpy, Dead Space was indeed tense but more scary wouldve been good)

    • I didn’t get scared of DS I just found it too predictable, the only time I got scared was when I got killed by a fast Necromorph and it looked into the camera, that sort of 4th wall breaking freaks me out to no end.

  3. will be great with Move support as well.

  4. VAMPIRES ftw im afraid but i still wouldnt enjoy playing it if they dont change the god damn slow contolls.

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