White Knight Chronicles Prequel Heads To PSP

The PS3 exclusive franchise – White Knight Chronicles – is set to grace the PSP.  The new game’s full title is ‘White Knight Chronicles: Episode Portable Dogma Wars’ (what?!), and it is set 10,000 years before the events of the earlier PS3 games.

The big change is that in Dogma Wars, the White Knight is not an ally, but an opponent – cue dramatic music and shocked gasps.


We can see a pattern forming at the moment, with games such as WKC and Valkyria Chronicles not doing so well on home consoles, and being shunted over to the PSP.  Hopefully they can do the franchise justice, as to many it’s an underrated gem.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Bad review scores put me off wkc. Shame because i remember thinking how good it was looking before it came out. Don’t think i’ll be getting Psp version, haven’t bought a Psp game in yonks and have no intention of doing so either. Now if they made it trophy compatible, that’d be a different story.

  2. Was looking forward to WKC but the delays meant that by the time it did come out, I’d actually lost interest. Will probably pick it up though, on the cheap, and when I have cleared the massive backlog I’ve got.

  3. Interesting, I thought they said WKC was going to be a 2 part game and that was it? I did like the look of WKC but it just came out at the wrong time for me grab a copy.

    Perhaps i’ll keep an eye out for the original and this PSP game in the future :)

  4. Being a Level 5 fan, I had to get WKC and I much prefer it to the latest Final Fantasy. It may not have the eye candy factor but I believe it’s a much more fulfilling RPG for any fan of the genre. Shall keep an eye on this…

  5. i bought wkc on its uk release day, heavy rain just came out on the wrong day (for me at least anyways), have since managed to loose my copy in part thanks to my brother, but will be rebuying the game and will look to pre-order both its sequal and prequal

  6. Not a fan of WKC, just didnt seem to flow like FF

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