Kojima Talks Trophies and 3D For MGS4 “Complete”

It’s PS3 gamers’ great white whale: trophy support for Metal Gear Solid 4. OK, so trophy support for Valkyria Chronicles and a host of other older games could also be added to this Moby Dick analogy, but there’s no doubting that, when it comes to PS3 fans clamouring for a trophy patch, MGS4 is probably top of the pile.


Konami has been relatively silent about the whole thing, throwing our a cursory “we hear you” every now and again as a sign that they weren’t ignoring their fans. Not that they then went and invested the time and expense in creating the patch, of course. It’s a question that will never die it seems as, commenting on Twitter, series mastermind Hideo Kojima has dug up the old MGS4 trophy corpse yet again for another shambling dance across the internet. It’s not that he doesn’t want to do it, he claims, it’s just such an investment of time and effort would take away from working on a new game. He states:

“I wanted to make a ‘Complete Version’ with trophy support and 3D, but if I did that I wouldn’t be able to work on a new game. I wonder if someone else would make it for me.”

We wonder, too, Kojima-san. We wonder, too.

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  1. I played it, stopped playing it, went back to it, played through it again and did lots more stuff. Now I have traded it in and lost interest. I think the time has passed for a trophy patch now.

    • I agree trophy support has passed a long time ago for MGS4 alot of people traded it in because it hadnt got trophies dnt care for 3D support but tropies are better late than never specially fro MGS4

    • Actually, for me that would want me to revisit it, as i’ve only played through it once. I think many others would agree, and for those that have traded it in, it might be more monehs for Konami

      • I agree totally. I never played it because it didn’t have trophies, and i know countless other people the same, i’d buy it straight away if they trophy patched it.

      • I’ve kept mine, waiting patiently for trophy support. Best game I’ve ever played in my life and would love for it to get a new lease of life through a trophy patch

    • Are you mad, man!? It’s never too late for a trophy patch on a game like MGS4!

  2. I came to the MGS4 party really late but really enjoyed the time I spent with it. Would definitely go through it again if it got trophies though

  3. One of the best PS3 games of all time, was my top game for a long time.
    I think 3shirts is right about trophy patch. The window has passed for it to be of any interest to me anymore. Im much more focussed on MGS:Rising now

  4. Trophies…meh. Id rather they put some time and effort into releasing a box set of ALL the MGS/snake series! now that would be worth the wait! digital icons to collect for no reason…no wonder he’s not interested. he likes the story,gameplay and experience of gaming, so i bet we see a 3D patch before a trophy one!

  5. I have read this same article across a couple of sites in the last few days and at no point in either does it say that we are or even might be getting trophy support for MGS4.
    Let it go people!
    It is still a great game but flogging this same dead horse with the same news of ‘oh look he might but might not want to do trophy support if he gets time but wont’.

    • And where, pray tell, does it say in the above article that trophies are or might be coming?

      • Kovacs – reading fail :)
        Re-read Fresh191’s first sentence

      • It insinuates this article is doing the same.

    • exactly! the games old news now. its great, just play and enjoy. forget about poxy trophies.

  6. I completed this game 6 times and still got it. I got all the animal badges and willing to do them again with trophy enabled, hell I completed the game without a single kill (Yes I am that GOOD!) lol I also love online aswell. So trophy or no trophy I would never trade this game in ever!

    • Good as in I-got-the-bigboss-rank good? ;)

      • I completed it 11 times :) and got all the badges(including Big boss)and would gladly do it again for trophies. I love the game, it still is in my top 5 games.

  7. Buy a new version of the game for trophies? – no thanks.

  8. Better late then never… The Trophy patch might come to the original game, but the 3D may not…

    Well, it depends, if the trophies require somewhat like the online DLC’s… Then it might only come with that version! :\

    I would buy it. Seeing as I never played the online much…

  9. I love MGS4 but kojimas being a bit of a dick about it now. JUST ADD TROPHIES!!!

    • No he’s not. He’s been honest about it and pretty much told you that he can’t do two things at once. He can concentrate on a single project. It’s either this or something new. Can I point out the “dick” on this web page?

      • You have to admit, though, he did have a lot of time to work on a patch. I can understand that he has different things on his mind now, but it really can’t be THAT hard to add trophies to a game. Make them story trophies, link them to existing achievements in game. Not that I care, but I really don’t think it can be as hard as he wants us to believe it is. :P

  10. i want to know this new game he is meant to be announce at TGS zoe3 please!!!

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