New Killzone 3 Screens

We know a lot of you loved Guerilla Games’ last foray into the Killzone universe. We can’t blame you, it was awesome. These Killzone 3 screens, courtesy of Famitsu (via NeoGAF), are looking pretty special too, right?


  1. looking feisty

  2. Wow, those Helghast snipers really fly!!!

    Nice shots,shame they’re so small. Want want want.

  3. Looking good. Want them to show something other than snow now though :)

  4. Looks very nice. Want to see more of the planet though.

  5. hmmm, wasn’t that impressed to be honest.

  6. Damn that explosion on shot 3 looks nice!

  7. Neo-Helghast in #7

    What the …

  8. Great story, great visuals, great gameplay, great 7.1 audio… what more could you want.
    I seen PD are releasing a limited ed. GT5 console, i’d like to see guerrilla games do the same (not that i’d buy both)

  9. Screen 7 is great :P

  10. Awesome … very atmospheric

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