‘Outland’ To Be Announced For PSN/XBL

IGN has been speaking about a new game by Super Stardust HD/Dead Nation developer Housemarque called ‘Outland’ – which is set to be revealed at PAX.  The game is described as a cross between platformers such as Prince of Persia and the colour-switching of shoot ’em up Ikaruga.  Switching between light and dark forms is essential to survival, as the games protagonist will take damage from opposite-coloured bullets but will be impervious to those of the same polarity.  Not drowned in your own drool yet?  Then check out the screenshots below.

Source: IGN 


  1. Sounds great. Looks even better. Will be epic.

    Got to love good ol’ Housemarque.

  2. Looks amazing, sounds intriguing. Looking forward to more details.

    • I agree, plus the fact it’s Housemarque means I expect to be buying it anyway. I love their output, and this is looking unique and gorgeous.

  3. Looks brill, hope it’s as good as it looks!

    • Agreed. The style is saturated and downright lovely!

      • Seconded – beautifully artistic!

  4. It does look and sound like something i’d be interested in. Hopefully some video footage soon but the screens look good.

  5. Looks like Limbo in colour. Brilliant!

    • I still want Limbo to come to PS3, though…

    • just about to comment that!

  6. If it’s anything like Ikaruga, count me in!

  7. Just when I thought my wallet had run out of tears, you show me this!
    You had me at Housemarque then cemented it with Ikaruga.

  8. these pictures are making my skin flute burp

    • Why did I have to read your comment just before going to bed. Wrong… so very wrong. :-)

      • but it feels right, so very very right ;)

  9. Oh man, this is one that I need to keep an eye on. Ikaruga was one of my fave ‘old-style’ flight-shooting games and just the simple couple of sentences describing Outland given here have me yearning for more.. :-D

  10. Reminds me of Flashback.

    Back in the days……..

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