Killzone 3 Hitting Feb 22nd in North America

We’re still waiting for a specific date for its European release, but the official US blog has just confirmed Killzone 3 will eviscerate North America on February 22nd 2011. Kevin Butler has already booked the day off.


Finally, just a friendly reminder that Killzone 2 was released in Europe two days before North America. Don’t be surprised if something similar happens for Killzone 3.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog



  1. I REALLY want to play Killzone 3.

  2. well 22nd is a Tuesday, so im going for a 23rd Wednesday release for over here. Or, if they’re bastards again, it’ll be the Friday 25th.

  3. The 22nd is a Tuesday, games in the UK normally release on a Friday so assuming it’s a global launch (which I would expect it would be) then it will be released on the 25th if it comes later, or the 18th if we get it earlier…

  4. I was expecting March …. woooo a month early :D

    • Well, technically a week, but I share your enthusiasm.. ;)

  5. considering its published by SCEE well get it before the US like KZ2 though I could be rong and they get it before the EU though that wouldnt be fair really lol

  6. Nice, 2 days before my birthday.

  7. it was only released in the netherlands two days before the U.S , but I got it on that date thanks to shopto…

  8. Perfect, a week before my bday :D

  9. I really don’t know about this. I haven’t played KZ1 but played KZ2 and I thought it was meh at best IMO.
    Sure the graphics were amazing but gameplay and story were only ok. The first multiplayer match I went into took ages to load and I ended up getting spawn trapped with the rest of my team. :(

  10. Can’t wait! I already pre-ordered it last month.

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