Helghast Tribute To Thriller At PAX

The TSA excursion budget didn’t stretch enough to send someone to PAX this year (Dan going to Gamescom alone means we’ll have to go without Jammie Dodgers for a while) so we didn’t get to see this first hand. The gang over at Destructoid did, however, and, lucky for us all, they managed to capture it on film.

Words I never thought I’d ever type, watch as two Helghast soldiers get their freak on to Michael Jackson’s undead classic Thriller. The guy on the left is arguably better the his companion, who actually comes across as more drunk than funk, but how and ever, this should bring a smile to your face this late, dank Tuesday September evening.


Sony needs to organise a flash mob with about twenty of these guys who actually know the choreography. I know a few people in viral media, I’ll make some calls.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Brilliant. Looks like they were having a good time. When I read the title I thought this would be one of those painful embarassing choreographed things but it was actually much more fun. Nice one

  2. This has made my evening.

  3. Lol, good man Kovacs that was fun :)

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Nuff said.

  5. love it.

  6. Haha! Very cool. I need one of those suits closely followed by a 70’s night.

  7. A Helghast dancing flash mob would be awesome! Send them in at the Halo Reach launch event or something! Or better still the Kinect launch event – they could dance to ‘I like to Move it’ :)

    I’m sure Sony aren’t that childish though… ;)

  8. EPIC!

  9. this was pretty awesome.

  10. So that’s what the helghast get up to in there spare time

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