Naughty Bear DLC is Piratelicious

We may not have appreciated the ursine antics of Naughty Bear all that much but that’s not stopping 505 Games from releasing new content for the furry murder sim. Hopefully available for International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) “Chapter 9” sports a buccaneer theme. The release states:

“Chapter 9 will soon lay siege to the Island of Perfection with even more mischievous action, including all-new characters, costumes and challenges.

Filled with exclusive hidden treasures, deadly weapons and brutal buccaneers, in Chapter 9 players will be able to plot a course through four new challenges. As the terrors of the high seas come ashore to battle, players will encounter the other Bears and their leader, Admiral Giggles, as well as The Pirates and their leader, The Great Beard Bear.”

Due for the end of the month, Chapter 9 will cost 400 of your Microsoft pieces of eight or $4.99 for PSN landlubbers. Sterling and euro prices are unavailable at the moment; likely purloined by salty sea-dogs somewhere in transit between the press office and TSA towers.

Source: Press release



  1. I rented this and while the idea of stealth elements are quite good, the game just fails to deliver as well as looking like ass and controlling badly.
    A good idea gone to waste. No DLC will fix it sadly

  2. Did it sell well to get paid DLC then?

  3. how much is this game worth? i saw it new for a tenner. is it worth buying as a ‘trophy whore ‘ game?

    • I used to respect you, man! :-p

      • ha! i’m asking for a friend – honest guv! i’ve actually turned off the trophy settings off on my system as i’m THATmuch of a purist…o_0

  4. How the devil can they afford to keep making dlc when the game did so badly!

    • I don’t think it’s DLC, it’s probably ‘DLC’ ie. already on the disc, but cut out so they can sell you an unlock code.

  5. They must either be stretching their budget really thin to be able to do this or the content offered will be of atrocious quality, as the game flopped with sales. The mind boggles at this; just stop trying to get people to like this failed game.

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